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In Honor of the Romanovs
The Grand Duchesses

OTMA: Olga, Tatiana, Marie (Maria), Anastasia

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The Grand Duchess Olga Nicholaievna Romanov, was born on November 3rd, 1895. Fond of writing, reading, and drawing pencil sketches, she was thought of to be the smartest in the family, knowing exactly what was happening and why. Closest to her younger sister Tatiana, the two volunteered at hospitals as nurses during the First World War, in which Russia suffered the most casualties.

The Grand Duchess Tatiana Nicholaievna Romanov was born on May 29th, 1897. She liked girlish magazines and fashion. She loved making friends, but unfortunately never had many friends due to her identity. She was closest and happiest with her mother Alexandra. She volunteered in the hospitals as did Olga and Alexandra. She died in the Revolution when she was 21.

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Grand Duchess Marie (Maria) Nicholaievna Romanov was born on June 14, 1899. She was constantly criticized by her family, a bit immature, and had the habit of daydreaming during her studies. However she loved, like Tatiana, to make friends. She loved talking to common people. She liked to take part in Anastasia's clever antics.t here

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Grand Duchess Anastasia is fondly referred to by me as the Jim Carrey of the family. She loved to play practical jokes and make fun of people. During studies, she was lazy and inattentive, and would do practically anything to get out of her studies. She would even climb trees and not come down unless her father ordered her to. She loved to make up games and get her brother, sisters, servants, even her parents involved. Because she was like this, she was known as Shvibzik, or "imp." She also had the reputation of being a tomboy.

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