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In Honor of the Romanovs
Poetry and Dedications

This page is exactly what it says: Poetry and Dedications. Basically, if you have written a poem for the Romanovs, or that reminds you of the Romanovs, or have heard a song that reminds you of them, etc, or if you just want to say you admire them, feel free to express yourself by e-mailing me. Nothing will be declined as long as it is respectful and tasteful to the family.


Poetry and Dedications by Me

Lyrics to a song that reminds me of Aleksey

Awakened At Midnight

A Little Sunshine

A Gold and Jewels

A special dedication from Lizzie (thank you for the e-mail Lizzie.)
Alexei, remembering you in our hearts and prayers for your dear birthday, july 30th, (old style) 1904, we shall be thinking of you particularly at this time darling. all my love, and may God bless you and grant you a happy day!

To submit a dedication or poem, e-mail me!