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Orphan at my door:
ISBN 0439988349 Unfortuately, this FABULOUS prize winning book is only available through, but they will ship internationally. The cost is CDN$14.99 or US$9.50.


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Basket of Beethoven:
ISBN: 1550416669 [B&T; Follett] US$7.95.
The Cat and the Wizard:
ISBN 1552633845. This beautiful hardcover book is only available through at a cost of CDN$19.95 or approximately $US12.60.

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Clara's War:
ISBN 1896764428 [B&T;Follett] This book can be ordered from for $5.95, or The rest of the books listed are as readily available, unless otherwise noted.
Everything on a waffle:
Amazingly, this book in available in a number of formats including hardcover, ISBN: 0374322368, cassette: ISBN: 0807207152, and large print: ISBN: 0786248327 [B&T; Follett].
The Gramma War:
ISBN: 1551431831 [B&T; Follett]US$6.95.
A Prairie as Wide as the Sea:
ISBN: 0439988330. Unfortunately, this book is only available from, but it is WELL WORTH THE EFFORT.
Shoes for Amelie:
1984222377 [B&T; Follett] US$10.40.
ISBN: 1551924900 [B&T] US$6.95.
The Tenth Pupil:
ISBN: 0921870868 [B&T] US $8.95.