Generation IV

Benjamin Arbogast was born about 1784 in VA and died June 1830 in Dunmore, Pocahontas Co, VA.

He married Frances Mullens in 1804. She was born about 1790 in Westmoreland Co, VA.

Their children were:

John Arbogast (married Margaret Hidy Yeager)

Benjamin Arbogast, Jr. (married an unknown Gibbons)

Charlotte Arbogast (married Jonathan Potts)

Frances Arbogast (married Henry S. Wade)

Elizabeth Arbogast

Reverend Henry Arbogast (born in Pocahontas Co, VA) This line continues on to Martin Clark Dilley

Delilah Arbogast (born 1806); married Joseph Wooddell, Frederick Pugh

Solomon Arbogast (born 14 April 1808 in Highland Co, VA) This line continues on to William Alexander Gilmer Sharp

Sarah Arbogast (born about 1810); married Ralph Wanless

Adam Arbogast (born 11 July 1816); married Margaret Clarissa Sutton

Margaret Arbogast (born 1820); married John Yeager

Mary Arbogast (born 1822); married Hamilton Stalnaker



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