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Noah Bourque
Noah's First Big Trip
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On November 2nd, we set off on Noah's first big trip! We flew to Atlanta to see Grammy and Grandpa Bourque before driving to Nashville for Jeff and Kelly's wedding. Buried somewhere in our pile-o-stuff at DIA is Noah.
Noah did fantastic on the airplane, even though we were cramped into a row next to a nice guy with a Harley Davidson shirt for the 3-hour flight. When we got there, we couldn't tell if Noah was happy to be with his grandparents. . . well, okay, it was pretty obvious!
Two days before the wedding, we drove to Nashville. A lot of Dan's family were there waiting for us, and most were meeting Noah for the first time. This is Great Grandma Bourque, Dan's Dad's mom. . . as you can tell, she doesn't really like babies all that much.
Noah made himself quite at home in Great Grandma B's lap. Of course, bribing him with a gold necklace made things go smoother.
Great Grandma occasionally shared him with the rest of the family. This is Denise, Dan's Aunt. There was also Uncle Dean, Uncle Brian, Aunt Peggy, Cousin Tim and Cousin Paul. . . I hope he can track of all those names and faces (quiz later, Buddy)!
. . . and the trip wouldn't be complete without Jeff and Kelly! After all, they were the reason we were all there. Something tells me Kelly missed the little dude.

November 6th was Jeff and Kelly's wedding. Once you're done with this page, click on the "Jeff and Kelly's Wedding" link at the bottom of the page to see our pictures (including more Noah pics)

t19jun04coneheadedraisin.jpg (10497 bytes)The wedding was incredible! We sent Jeff and Kelly off, but most of the family was around the next day for this four-generation photo!
On the way back, we dropped Dan's sister, Lauren, off at Covenant College in Chattanooga. We visited her dorm room, and her mom and dad were adamant that this was a "relatively clean room" compared to what they've seen.


Lauren's bouquet from the wedding was unmercilessly thrust upon poor Noah before Daddy could react. Noah looked at the flowers and said "yuck! Flowers are for girls." Right Noah? . . . Right? Repeat after me "flowers are for. . ."
Back in Georgia, Noah again made himself right at home.
He even borrowed the keys to the family car. Funny, I thought we order the non-alcoholic milk, but with that look, any cop in America would be giving him a sobriety test!
Before we left, we got one shot for the future girlfriend. . . he, he.

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