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Noah Bourque
Noah's Dedication
(and one-month birthday)
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July 18th was Noah's baby dedication at church. The girls had all gone out and picked the perfect outfit! The only thing wrong with it is the lion's mane kept tickling his chin--Noah just thought, "Power to the Babies."
The whole family got to go up on stage while Pastor Doug talked about the responsibilities of parenthood. Noah only cried when the pastor held him.
The whole congregation read this together to affirm the church's commitment to Noah and us as parents.

We say to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that your life is not a mistake.
God made you out of the love that He is.
God called you into being at the right time and the right place.
He prepared a way for you and gave His life for you.
You are a priveledge, not a burden.
You are a joy and a delight, not a disappointment.
You are not an intrusion, you belong.
You are one of God's own children.
He delights in you, and we delight in you.
- Doug Muraki

Both Grandfathers then prayed for us and Noah. It was a neat event.
After the dedication, we posed for a "four generations" photograph. From left to right, Lee and Linda Bourque, Dean Edwards, Angie, Dan and Noah, Marsha Edwards, Bev Twist (Dean's mother) and Lauren Bourque.
All of this dedication stuff was exhausting for the boy.
That night, we had a get-together at Dean and Marsha's. Marsha's cousin, Cindy, and her family were all there and got to meet Noah.
t19jun04coneheadedraisin.jpg (10497 bytes)The next day was the 19th of June, Noah's one-month birthday! In one month, he had gained about 1 1/2 pounds and an inch or so in length. This was also the Georgia Bourques' last day in Colorado, so everyone was getting their last-minute holds. We titled this one "hello there!"
Grandpa spent his last hour just holding little sleeping Noah--it was really precious, and there were many tears when everyone had to leave.

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