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Noah Bourque
Spring Break
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March brought better weather and spring breakers from back east
Noah's spring break activities included an adventure in the neighborhood park with Grammy and Grandpa Bourque
There's a little toddler girl just to the left of this picture, and Noah's doing his best to look cool
There were a couple of firsts on this adventure. Noah got to swing in his first "big-boy" swing
He loved every minute
Noah also got to go down his first slide. He wasn't so sure what to think. . .
t19jun04coneheadedraisin.jpg (10497 bytes)But Daddy took all the bumps and bruises for him. Lesson learned: don't ride the small curvy slide if you have no padding on your hips
Grammy's locket was fascinating
t19jun04coneheadedraisin.jpg (10497 bytes)And so was the camera
That night, Dan and Angie went on a date and left Noah with his grandparents to get a bath
It's a little after Christmas, but Noah was practicing his "Noah-lou Who" role for next year's Grinch play
Grandpa makes funny faces
And Grammy likes to read
"Who's that?"
"Wait. . . I know you"
"Yeah, you're that really funny guy who's always taking pictures of me"
Of course, what the previous pictures DON'T show is that Noah cut 3 teeth the weekend his grandparents were in town. He was a pretty good sport about it
And what are new teeth good for? Trying more foods I don't like, of course! We passed this experiment off to Grandma Edwards
One of Noah's favorite things is a LeapPad--it's an electronic board you put special books in and it reads them and lets you play games. This one is a Dr. Seuss book called "Mr. Brown." Noah just dances and dances when the music's going
Angie and Noah love to go outside during the day. Today, Noah was making some extra-cute faces. . .
Faces of all varieties. . .
And, of course, his trademark big grins
There were some funny food faces in there too (eating rice cakes)
March 27th was Easter, so we took some Easter pictures of the family. Noah thought his shoes were a lot more interesting than silly old pictures
When he finally looked up, he was giving us his best impression of "Baby Bob" from the Quizno's commercials
Easter shoes make a great lunch
Noah got a little rocking horse for Easter. He's still not quite sure what to do with it, but let's just say the ears ended up like the shoes
April started with shopping. Noah loves trying to keep his balance in shopping carts
We also went hiking at Palmer Park again. This time, Noah rode on Daddy's back
Family portrait
"Hey, get me out of this thing!!!"

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