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Springtime 2006

Dan and Angie came home from "vacation" and vowed to have a different kind of vacation for a couple of days. Angie found this great place about 40 minutes away called Pikes Peak Lodge. The mansion is amazing!

Angie did remarkably well considering it was her first night away from Noah.  And no, we didn't bleach Ebby's hair. The ownwer's dog followed us everywhere trying to get us to throw her ball.

This part of Colorado is still scarred from the Hayman fire a few years back, but it's still beautiful.

The next week, we took Noah to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo here in Colorado Springs. It's set up on the mountainside but is surprisingly spacious. Noah is ready to go.

Noah's gotten a lot more verbal since Christmas, so he was having a blast telling us what all the animals were and making animal noises. This gorilla studied him closely.

We saw monkeys, elephants, tapirs, hippos, lions, bears and. . .

. . . whoops! Daddy caught you. Don't worry, Noah, Daddy would never REALLY feed you to the bears!

Noah's favorite was the giraffes. They let you get up-close and personal, and the zoo will sell you four big giraffe crackers for a dollar. That's  great entertainment becasue they flock right to you!

Noah wasn't afraid at all, he wanted more and more crackers.

Well, we ran out of crackers, so we might as well just take a family picture.

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