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Several 6-axles await their next assignment at Dante

The HO Scale Northend Elkhorn Extension is my sixth version of the Clinchfield's fabulous Northend coal region. The layout models 36 prototype miles of railroad from Dante yard, VA, North to Elkhorn Yard, KY using actual prototype maps and schematic diagrams to model each mainline switch and siding. A 30 x 44 ft basement (1320 square feet) was fully finished out, and construction began in 1997. A major revision occurred in October 1998 which required relocating the benchwork and rebuilding Dante yard.

The Golden spike ceremony was celebrated in conjunction with the Rome in October layout open house, October 29, 1999. Over 1200 feet of mainline and yards trackwork were completed and full scale operations began with the open house. As of April 2000, scenery is approximately one-third completed with the hard shell to be finished by October 2000. Monthly operating sessions are run with about 10 members and a train list of 12 to 15 trains run per three hour session. Installation of a Computer based CTC system is underway to enhance dispatcher control. We utilize actual former Clinchfield Railroad employees for some of the jobs during the operations. My goal is to build a historically accurate miniature version of the prototype for us to enjoy with realistic prototype-based operations. Every aspect of modeling involves careful attention to the Clinchfield and utilizes some actual prototype equipment for communications and operations. Contact Bob Helm at RHelmod@aol.com for more information.

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