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Vital Statistics

  • Four main yards are modeled according to the prototype maps: Dante yard at 46 feet from the start of the visible yard at the YMCA by the yard office north to the NE of Dante pass; Moss yard at the prep plant; Elkhorn yard of approximately 50 feet, and Phillips run-through staging yard of 30 feet in length , which is hidden but accessible in the staging closet.

  • Four hundred Fifty two feet of mainline on two decks without a full turn helix.

  • Nine passing sidings of 188 ft are modeled in sequence

  • 1970s Operations from prototype jobs are modeled.

  • Trains Modeled: Four Mine runs, six Turns, three Merchandise freights, two empty hopper trains, and two C&O coal trains.

  • Three branches are in the design, Nora Spur at 46 feet, Fremont Branch at 62 feet and the Haysi RR at 31 feet.

  • All 11 mainline tipples will be modeled that were in operation in the 1970s from the List of Coal Operators, CRR publication. Plus eight branch line tipples are modeled.

  • Prototype grades are modeled with two pusher operations.

  • Minimun mainline radius 30", Maximum mainline grade, 2%, max branch grade 3%.

  • Microengineering code 83 and 70 track and switches for the mainline are used, while Atlas code 83 is used in the yards. *Digitrax Chief Digital Command Control (DCC) is installed and operational.