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Hi Y'all, Welcome to Clinchfield Country!

Thank you for your interest in the Clinchfield Country Newsletter. The letter is designed to provide the modeler and railfan with the most accurate historical information available for the Clinchfield Railroad. I have gathered many old records, photographs, and interviews with employees to provide the content for the letter. I am presently working on a book covering the CRR Northend Elkhorn Extension. At this time publication of the newsletter has been cancelled. You can order the complete set of back issues $24.00/ or $3.00 per issue which includes shipping. Please contact Bob Helm at or send a check to the address below.

Volume 1, Issue1: Welcome to Clinchfield Country
Introductory Issue: Layout and Design, Operating Philosophy, Givens and Druthers, Construction Report, and Poem, "Clinchfield Dreams"

Volume2, Issue 1: Elkhorn Yard Part 1
History of Elkhorn, Tour of facilities, yard map, stories, and Construction Report.

Volume 2, Issue 2: Welcome to Elkhorn Yard, year 1975.
Part 2 of Elkhorn Yard Series: Elkhorn yard in the 1970's, Construction Report, Coal Country Carworks. This detailed narrative that is written by Everett N. Young discusses the CRR and C&O Operations at Elkhorn in the 1970s.

Volume 2, Issue3: Clinchfield Pusher Operations on the Northend
CRR Pusher Operations article, Part 3 of Elkhorn Yard Series: Modeling Elkhorn Tipples, Construction Report. Elkhorn Ext. Trackplan, CRR Condensed Profile of North End Elkhorn Ext.

Volume 2, Issue 4: Haysi Railroad
History and Coal Operations at Haysi, Virginia, History and Coal Operations of the Haysi Railroad, Greenbriar Turn, Rex Turn. 7 photos, 2 CRR maps.

Volume 3, Issue 1: Dante the Steam Days
History of Dante, Yards, Equipment, and Operation during the steam era. Includes yard map, 1944 and extensive discussion of Dante yard.

Volume 3, Issue 2: Dante Diesel Era
Called for the Daylight Job, Yard facilities, 1970's operations at Dante, map of Dante yard, 1971.

Volume 3, Issue 3: Modeling Dante yard
Many photos of structures, blueprints of yard office and station, overall view of scale yard and diesel facility.

Volume3, Issue 4: Blue Diamond and the Nora Spur
Maps, photos, diagrams and history for the Nora Spur tipples

Thanks for your support and loyalty to the Clinchfield Railroad.


Bob Helm,
Clinchfield Railroad Company
209 Scott Lane
Jonesborough, TN 37659