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The fountain of youth, the philosopher's stone, reversing the aging process, time travel, magic or chemical regression - mankind has long been fascinated by turning back the clock (or fast-forwarding it!). This site does't have any tips on how you can accomplish these feats, but we are interested in stories on the subject.

Welcome to the Age Regression story archive - you can see the official AR Archive site at It is a repository of online fiction about the unusual changing of a character's age (either rapid aging or regressing to a younger physical state). Most of these stories appear first on the Transformation Story Archive (TSA) or on the TSA-Talk Mailing list. If you like to read and write these types of stories you might enjoy subscribing to the TSA list, although you should be warned it can be a high volume mailing list (40-150 messages a day).

WARNING: This site contains stories of an adult nature - if you are under the age of 18 or bothered by depictions of sex leave this site now.

- What's New -

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New Stories:

A new author has been discovered on the Net who writes AR/AP fiction - Morpheus! Morpheus' stories always TG elements and often have other transformations in them. Altered Fates, SRU and several new story universes created by Morpheus are featured. Check out all 26 Stories by Morpheus - especially The Sphere!

We have corrected a major oversight, Dreamtales' Visit to Aunt Mille's was left incomplete on the archive even though it was finished a long time ago. Now you can see the remaining parts of the 9 part story by going to Stories by Dreamtales.

An old author's stories are back up on the archive - Heidegger (the proprietor of this archive). If you are new to the archive, you may not have seen these before. Or, if you have read them before, read 'em again! Anyways, you can see all of the Stories by Heidegger available again on this archive.

This site started on February 27, 1997. If you want to submit a story or image (and you are the author) or you want to contact us with an idea, suggestion or compliments (yeah, we like compliments!), you can send e-mail to:

If you want to see other transformation stories, try the Transformation Story Ring!

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