Merry Meet,

Please let me introduce to you my class of First Degree Students here at Each student featured here, is currently studying for their First Degree in the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca.

Below, is a list of some of my students that I mentor at For the protection of my students the names listed are the students magickal names only. These are just a start of my list of students. Soon all of there names will be here and stating weather they continued and graduated or not.

Camillawitch Dagna2006 Dark_Star_Princess Gueniveremystic
Misskitykatmagick Dubh_Rul fiercebunny1961 Lyness_Silvermoon
Imprettyyournot2000 Sailornay Stinky writer BerkeleySappho
Lenoremrgosh Rhslexi Mary71582 Crockdav
Runelefae Niamhwitch PhoenixRain2 Princesst2474
Sugarbabie 56765 Tucker_Meaghan Happyhollyhere sagewolf67
azalea1969 Andrew athena_mcgrath berachahgrl



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