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What We Do:

-Passport extensions for foreign nationals residing within the US.

-Obtain Visas for those planning travel into countries requiring visas or travel permits.

-Process US nationals requests for new Passports.

-Obtaining INS forms, assist in completing them, as well as provide guidence in their submission. This service is for those requiring or desiring a change in Visa status, applying for temporary or premanant residency or intending to marry a foreign national.

INS Forms and Fees

US Department of State Passport Service

The INS is a branch of the Department of Justice

Please note that our ability to serve you in this capacity requires complete and accurate information on your part. You must also be able to produce the reqiured documentation depending upon the type of assistance required. We do have several lawyers should you have a complex case requiring hearings, or you are pending some variety of legal action.

This service may requires face to face meeting as well as all the required documentation. Please contact us by clicking on the link below should you have any questions.

Going To China? Need a Visa? READ ME!

Tourism Visa  (L)

a. In the light of some specific conditions or when necessary, a certificate of reception from a Chinese travel service and the airline ticket to the country (region) after leaving China. There are only one-entry (valid for 3 months) and two-entry (valid for 6 months) tourism visas to China; we do not issue multiple-entry tourism visa.

b. An approval notice from China Tibet Tourism Bureau for applying for a visa to travel to Tibet (Telephone number of China Tibet Tourism Bureau: 86-891-6834313. fax number: 86-891-6834632).


Visit or Business Visa  (F)

For single-entry or double-entry visit or business visa, an invitation letterinvitation telegram or invitation card from the relevant state departments of the PRC, local government  above  the level of township, relevant companies, business entities or non-profit governmental organizations is necessary for the application.
For multiple-entry visa, an applicant should apply with a letter of introduction from his company, together with any of the following documents (original copy required).

a. Notification of issuance of visa from relevant department of the Chinese Government, or Government authorized company and organization.

b. License held by the applicant for doing business or making investment in China or a certificate of approval of enterprise issued by Chinese Government.

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