Amorphophallus 2


This photo of Pseudodrancontium lacourii was sent by Sampoy of Thailand. Pseudodrancontium is a small family of Aroids closely related to Amorphophallus found mostly in Indo-China area. According to Sampoy, Thai people cook the shoot in curry.

A Pseudodracontium from Thailand, inflorescence appearing together with the leaves. 

Amorphophallus albispathus has a pretty and pleasantly scented bloom. This is a small species that is quite free blooming. This bloom is only about 8 cm tall.

Amorphophallus napiger collected from Krabi, S. Thailand. This has very finely divided leaflets and long twisted tuber.




An unknown Amorphophallus from Thailand closely related to yunanensis , this has a very short red-brown flower stalk and a pink spathe.

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