Aroids II

Amorphophallus relatives


Typhonium horsfieldii
Another unknown Typhoniumm species from Thailand.
A greyish leaves Typhonium species from Thailand.

An unknown diminutive Typhonium from Southern Thailand. 


Pycnospatha is a genus of 2 species of spiny herbs confined to Thailand, Burma and Laos region, growing on hard rocky ground. The curled up inflorescence some how inspire the name "Dolphin flower" - a nice name, too bad it smells like dog faeces.  


Dr Hettersheid pointed out that this plant, previously thought to be Typhonium trilobatum (by yours sincerely), is more likely T. roxburghii. If you stick your nose right into a fresh bloom, the  strong amine smell will bring tears in the eyes. The small constriction visible in the spathe occurs between female and male part of the inflorescence, which matures at different time. It is supposed to trap the pollinators in the female part overnight until the pollen is ripened and drop onto the base of this constriction. When the constriction widens the pollinator gets a pollen shower before crawling out.

This is the wonderful Cyrtosperma cuspidispathum  - the bloom as well as the leaves (rabbit ears) are really out of this world. This is supposedly from PNG and can thrive in full sun. 

A Cyrtosperma merkusii collected from the swampy forests of Peninsula Malaysia. There are many varieties of this species which are grown for food in some places.


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