Images of West Malaysia








Sungei Yong.

This is still a rather inaccessible and treacherous place but its really secluded. On our trip there, we had it all by ourselves for 2 days. There are a series of rapids and a pretty tall waterfall with deep pools. 




Gunung Pulai.  the higher one (right, with my dad). This place has a nice lowland Dipterocarp forest. I have sighted four species of primates here so far: White handed gibbon, rhesus macaque, spectral leaf monkey and pig-tailed macaque. 





A jungle millipede found in the Panti swamp forest.



A reddish leaf Bulbophyllum auratum found on the lowland about 200m asl..



A stream crossing at Gunung Belumut.  At the banks, small rheophytes like Piptospatha can be found as well as the elegant grass-like rheophytes shown on this photograph. Around the rock boulders above the flood line, Sonerila, Neekia malayana and a small fern-like orchid, Podochilus microphyllus are found in abundance, as well as an occasional Gesneriad  (Chirita ?). 


The stream above is very rich in fishes like T-barbs and rasboras. A jungle walking catfish is also attracted to our offer of egg yoke. This fish is so named as it is known to clamber rather long distances on land from one stream to another. It is also a gluttonous creature.


Aged trees festooned with Birds nest fern at Upper Thomson Road, Singapore.



This tiny frog beside a stream is so confidently of its camouflage that it allows the camera lens to move within 10cm from it.
A small species unifoliate plant (Monophylleae sp) and its custers of tiny flowers from the African Violet family (Gesneriads) growing on large moist boulders in Malaysia lowland.
A flowering Gnetum vine with ants relishing the nectar. These plants have remained unchanged since the dinosaur age. 


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