Images of West Malaysia 2


Felled tree at the slope of a mossy forest near Ulu Kali. Along our track, we came across a soil erosion blocking the trail - extensive development in this area due to proximity to the Casino caused visible ecological damage and scarring. 
Lime stone outcrop where the cave Gua Charas was found (Panching, near Kuantan). The base of the massiff can be reached after winding through the oil palm plantation. The cave opening is accessed after a steep climb of stairs. 
We descended from the cave mouth down into the large cavity from which many Chinese deities, both artificial and natural (stalagtites and stalagmites shaped like things worth worshipping) are dispersed . At the end of the cave, sunray enters from an opening from the roof and strikes on a reclining man made Buddha.
Upper Menduru Falls (Lata Seru) off Kampung Cabang, South Terengganu. The emerald pool is fed by a series of small cascades each a few metres high.
Another view of Upper Menduru
A big clump of Bulbophyllum lasiantha grows on a rock and low branches beside a cascade at about 200 m asl.
After a long bumpy ride through a rocky road, the kids get to enjoy a cool dip at lower Menduru Falls.
A small mangrove pool at Kijal, Terengganu was teeming with wildlife on a sunny morning: a 5 foot water monitor basking on the small island, a stock bill kingfisher periodically appearing from its perch to grab a fish, a family of macaques foraging at the banks (probably long tailed). What really caught my attention were four cheerful otters (below) frolicking noisily. 


I returned the next day and only two were seen one of which had a fresh red wound at its flank. 

When I came back the third day, I could not find  them anymore.  


Langkawi is near the northernmost part of Malaysia and has a distinct dry and wet season similar to Thailand. This is the Durian Peringian waterfall (the arrow shows a human for comparison). Some large Amorphophallus were found around this area.

At the seven wells waterfall in Langkawi, there are supposedly up to seven cascades if you climb high enough. Unfortunately, we went during the dry season and all we saw was a small trickle down the sheer smooth cliff ( a human is circled in red).


Top of the severn wells waterfall.


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