Images of West Malaysia 3

Kenong Rimba


Early morning mist at the Batu Sembilan jungle railway station near Kuala Lipis, Pahang. This is the access road to Kenong Rimba, a park with a few limestone hills and caves 

From this station, we walked through a kampong where vegetables and meat were purchased and finally to a riverbank where a boat waited to take us to the park. At the drop-off, we were  greeted by the cheeky laughter of wreathed hornbills and sorrowful hoots of gibboons, although none were in sight .....    

According to brochures, the Gua Tangkap cave in Pahang is known to be a hideout for jungle elephants during the monsoon season. However, to do this, they would have to scramble up some steep rocks before reaching this rather cosy chamber - it would be fun to see them do this.  



Here's the view from the top of the cave.

There are some interesting herbs growing on steep rocks outside the caves around this area eg Begonias, Impatiens, a pretty variegated Piper (see below), Gesneriads like Monophylla and Chirita sericea.  

Nicely patterened Piper from the base of the limestone cave. Such pattern may help break up the leaf profile and discourage herbivores to eat it.
Giant Pandans clinging on vertical cliff surface of Gunung Kesong, the limestone hill in Kenong Rimba. A rare half-goat ungulate called the Serow supposedly lives at the top of this hill. The only wildlife we saw there were a couple of civets (can't ID them) that checked out the pots at night and returned the next night to steal our bread hung high on a pole. 
My guide, the jungle hopper Jefri,  riding a longboat along a tributary of Sungei Pahang,  the longest river in West Malaysia. The river winds into some shady and secluded areas where we met some local fisherman laying their traps. One of them later showed us the catch - a shrimp with long 20 cm claws (longer than the body).
A sling bridge leading into the Green Cave (Gua  Hijau) which is inhibited by large fruit bats called flying foxes. I slipped and fell heavily on the slimy stinky floor. 


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