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The AusMusic@yahoogroups discussion group  is an e-mail discussion list which participants  receive and post messages to using e-mail. We talk about the Australian Music industry, Australian bands, what we think, how we feel and much more about issues related to Australian music.

The list is made up of different people from different backgrounds but is mainly an English speaking group.

The list content is suitable to people 13 years of age and over, but we are not very strict about age or anything.  There are currently no set rules about the 'tone' of language used on the list, but it is expected that if you do not like 'harsh language' you may find the occasional post on here offensive, however we are generally a pretty clean spoken bunch of  rockers ok. If you are not sure it's for you, feel free to have a look through the AusMusic archives and view previous messages posted to the list.

If you want to join an e-mail discussion group/list to increase and share your knowledge about anything related to Australian music to the very people who want to hear them, then this is the list you have been looking for.


Oh so you want to learn a little more about the group huh? Ok, be warned, i tend to ramble :)

The community began because a few people who are very enthusiastic about various parts of our local industry where running around message boards and chat rooms promotion our web sites. It was one night in an IRC session that the founder, Geoff Currey, decided that there was a need for some kind of network that would bring all these different areas to the one place and offer the opportunity for anybody else to come and join us in supporting their ventures in music.

The humble beginning of this group consisted of the one and only we call Saz, another group members know of as Steph and Geoff.

Despite that this is run on a hobby budget and a spare time basis with very little advertising except for word of mouth, the list has grown steadily over time to become a very informative and enjoyable part of the lives of a great deal of people from many areas of our industry, and even some people from out side of Australia. The community feel created by the members of this list and the relevancy and informative conversation and information is truly unique and a very special thing, the list has never fallen into the trap of only being used for web page URL's or gig dates, there is a lot of variety which is a reflection of the group members and their passion, admiration and dedication to our local industry.

This group started off as a list on the free community provider where most of the action has always been. ONElist have recently change their company structure and adopted the name which is why we now call it the eGroup community.

We are now with yahoo yet the same original body of people has remained for the changes over the years.

From the day it was founded, 30th August 1998, until today, the list has been something that the people who are a part of it can be proud of and feel confident about letting their voice be heard by people who are also interested in local music related stuff.

(C) 1998-2000 Geoff Currey