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Don Henderson



Don Henderson in The Paradise Club


I first wrote to actor Don Henderson in 1990! What he sent me was pretty amazing! Firstly a great 6x4 black and white signed 'Paradise Club' photo, but also a terrifically long hand written letter that covered 5 sides of A4 paper! Easily the longest letter I have ever received from somebody famous.

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This was a lovely response to receive, but I thought nothing more of it! And then the following month in December Don sent me a Christmas card. This was such a lovely surprise as no other star had ever sent me a Christmas card before!

It came as a bit of a shock when a year later Don sent me a second Christmas card. Again this was a lovely and unexpected surprise, but I felt terrible for not having sent Don one in return. So at the beginning of 1992 I wrote and thanked him and said I would remember to send him a card next Christmas.

Don and good mate Michael Elphick on their cookery show!

Don wrote back in typical fashion - he sent me a further two signed photos, copies of his CV and a note explaining that I should not expect to get a card every year as he didn't always have time.

But I'm pleased to say that we traded Christmas cards every year until he died a couple of years ago! On his later cards he even added his wife's name as well - Don was married to actress Shirley Stelfox, who appeared in a Carry On film herself!



Christmas card 1992 Christmas message 1992


Don was a lovely and generous man as well as one of Britain's most talented and accomplished actors. He is greatly missed.

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