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      'Ere! Stop messin' about and come and have a butcher's at Carry On Signing, the site dedicated to collecting autographs of the Carry On stars!
      I decided to put this site together after spending endless hours trawling through website after website in the pursuit of information and addresses for the many actors and actresses who appeared in the Carry On films and ending up with very little to show for my efforts. I decided that if I couldn't find what I was looking for on the World Wide Web then I'd put it there myself!
      So here it is! One website filled to bursting with addresses and information on the performers who appeared in Britain's best loved series of film comedies!

Carry On Enjoying!

Andrew Bird






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"Oh, I say! 'E did not arf crack that one did 'e not?"

Joan Sims

This site is dedicated to the lovely Joan Sims who very sadly passed away on 27th June 2001.


The lovely Patsy Rowlands

The site is also now dedicated to Patsy Rowlands who sadly lost her fight with breast cancer on 22 January 2005.



Gone But Not Forgotten

Dave Freeman

Patsy Rowlands
22 January 2005

Molly Weir
28 November 2004

Hilda Fenemore
13 April 2004

Bob Monkhouse
29 December 2003

Ed Devereaux
17 December 2003

David Lodge
18 October 2003

Larry Taylor
6 August 2003







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