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That Great Carry On in the sky!
(died 22 January 2005)


Patsy Rowlands
Autograph Successes



21 November 1999
Signed my Carry On Companion book
(obtained in person at Pinewood studios)

Patsy Rowlands - signature


13 February 2000
Signed and personalised 10x8 colour Carry On Loving photo
and signed two Carry On first day covers
(all obtained 'in person')

Patsy Loving Kenny!

First Day Cover 1 First Day Cover 2

December 2000
Signed and personalised 6x4 black/white photocard,
signed 6x4 black/white photograph,
signed 6x4 colour Loving photograph
and signed Carry On postcards.

The lovely Patsy Rowlands

Patsy in Carry On Loving Carry On Behind postcard


Carry On Performances


Carry On Again Doctor (1969) - Miss Fosdick
Carry On Loving (1970) - Miss Dempsey  
Carry On Henry (1970) - Queen
Carry On At Your Convenience (1971) - Hortence Withering  
Carry On Matron (1971) - Evelyn Banks
Carry On Abroad (1972) - Miss Dobbs
Carry On Girls (1973) - Mildred Bumble  
Carry On Dick (1974) - Mrs Giles
Carry On Behind (1975) - Linda Upmore  


Carry On Television Performances

The Nine Old Cobblers - Miss Dawkins
Can We Carry On Girls? (2001) - Contributor

Nearly Carry On Performances


Bless This House - Betty Lewis  


Other Noteworthy Performances

Played 'Betty Lewis' in the classic British Sit-com Bless This House. A role she recreated for the film of the same name.
Played 'Sister Alice Meredith' in Hallelujah! with Dame Thora Hird.
Appeared in many films including: Over The Odds, A Stitch In Time, Please Sir, Sammy's Super T-Shirt, A Kind Of Loving, Vengeance, On The Fiddle, Tom Jones, In The Doghouse, Dateline Diamonds, Joseph Andrews, Tess and The Fiendish Plot of Dr Fu Manchu. She also played the 'Cook' in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.Television Roles include appearances in Little Lord Fauntleroy, Kinvig, Rep, A Little Princess, Imaginary Friends, Femme Fatale, Get well Soon and Vanity Fair.
Television guest appearances include Juliet Bravo, The Krypton Factor, Arlene, Cribb, Out of The Unknown and The Avengers. Patsy also played 'Lil Potato' in an episode of Bottom.
Whilst working at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in My Fair Lady, Patsy was interviewed by the team from Most Haunted who were investigating paranormal goings-on at London's oldest theatre. Most Haunted is one of my favourite shows, so it was great to see Patsy recounting ghostly tales.




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