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Dilys Laye


Dilys Laye

Dilys Laye has long been one of my favourite performers from the Carry On films, in particular as the delightful Flo Castle in Carry On Cruising and as the Bondgirlesque Lila in Carry On Spying!

However back in the late 80s/early 90s I didn't have as much knowledge about tracking down addresses as I do now and the Internet would be many years out of my reach - so I had no way of writing to Dilys for her autograph.

You can imagine my delight (to say I was cart-wheeling around the room would not be an exaggeration) when in 1994 Dilys popped up unannounced in two episodes of EastEnders. Dilys was playing Debbie's Mum, Maxine, in the two episodes in which Debbie married Nigel!

I immediately sat down and wrote a very long, sincere and enthusiastic letter to Dilys which I sent to Elstree Studios where EastEnders is made. As Maxine disappeared after just those two episodes I began to fear my letter would not reach Dilys, but I needn't have worried! A couple of months later I received a fabulous reply from Dilys - the beautiful 6x4 photograph shown above and a wonderful hand written letter. This letter is certainly my favourite of all those I have received in 14 years of collecting. I've shown it below, but it's pretty unreadable as I feel the content is personal!

letter from Dilys side 1 letter from Dilys side 2

As you can see from Dilys' Carry On page I have written to Dilys a number of times over the passed six or seven years. Each time Dilys has found the time from her busy schedule to sit down and write me a hand written reply - unusual in this day and age!

I'm also pleased to say that over those six years or so I have managed to see many of Dilys' other performances. The Carry Ons are just a small part of her varied and distinguished acting career! Oh and thankfully Maxine did reappear in EastEnders and was even seen briefly on screen with Barbara Windsor her old Carry On Spying co-star!

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