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That great Carry On in the sky!

(died 21 June 1979)



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March 2002
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Julian Orchard - signed page


Carry On Performances


Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1966) - Rake   
Carry On Follow That Camel (1967) - Doctor
Carry On Doctor (1967) - Fred   
Carry On Henry (1970) - Duc de Poncenay   

Nearly Carry On Performances


Bless This House - Tom Hobbs   


Other Noteworthy Performances


Julian played a very effeminate duke named Montague in the film musical The Slipper and the Rose! (1976).
Julian pops up as 'man in tails' during one of the best scenes in Gene Wilder's hysterically funny film The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975). One of my favourite films it starred Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman and the gorgeous Madeline Kahn not to mention a host of British talent.  
He played a Producer in the big screen spin-off of Man About the House (1974).
And was a Police Cyclist in the sex comedy Adventures of a Private Eye (1977).
Another hilarious film was Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978) in which Julian features as the Hospital Clerk.
Julian appeared as Red Cardinal in the strangely titled can Hieronymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? (1969).
Other films roles include: Brady in Great Van Robbery (1959); Walker in Three On a Spree (1961); PC Lofthouse in Kill or Cure (1962); 1st Jeweller in Crooks Anonymous (1962); Pompous Man in Hide and Seek (1963); Bath Salesman in Father Came Too! (1963); Policeman in The Spy With the Cold Nose (1966); Photographer in Half a Sixpence (1967); Policeman in Stranger in the House (1967); Antique Dealer in Money-Go-Round (1967); The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1969); Thompson in Perfect Friday (1970); Mr Skinner in Anoop and the Elephant; Bishop in Keep It Up Downstairs (1976) St John in Crossed Swords (1978) and Driscoll in The London Connection (1979).


Julian took over the role of Oliver Pettigrew in series 8 of Whack-O! (1971/72).
Julian also starred in the 1977 series Odd Man Out.
He was a regular on  The Harry Secombe Show in 1968 and played poet Roland Milk in the Spike Milligan BBC comedy series The World of Beachcomber. Other cast members of Beachcomber included Patricia Hayes, Hattie Jacques, Frank Thornton and Leon Thau.
Julian played Julian the Lord Chamberlaine in the oddly titled Cucumber Castle (1970).
He appeared in the 1977 series Just William twice as Mr Solomon, in the episode 'It All Began With the Typewriter' and also in the Christmas special 'Williams Worst Christmas'.
He also appeared as Julian in an episode of Dawson and Friends called 'Stage Struck'. The Dawson in the title being Les Dawson.
Julian also played the Minister for the Arts in an episode of The Goodies entitled 'Culture For the Masses' in 1971.


The revue Penny Plain starring Joyce Grenfell at the St Martin's Theatre June 1951. Julian featured in the segments: Off Beat; Ancient and Modern; A Moment With; Elsie Smith; Eisteddfod; and Surly Girls. Carry On'er Jimmy Thompson was also in the revue.
Babes in the Wood at The London Palladium 1973. Also in the cast were the familiar Carry On faces of Bill Maynard, Alan Curtis and Adrienne Posta.
Julian starred in the musical Pickwick which opened in March 1963 at the Saville Theatre. Sir Harry Secombe and Anton Rodgers were among the cast. Julian transferred to Broadway with Secombe and Rodgers, where Pickwick opened in October 1965 at the 46Th Street Theatre.
In 1974 Julian appeared in The Tempest at The National Theatre with Arthur Lowe, Jenny Agutter and Sir John Gielgud.


Julian appeared on the 1974 recording of Airs on a Shoestring.


Did you know that there is a variety of the Erysimum plant called 'Julian Orchard'? Wonder if it's named after a certain Carry On performer!?






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