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Patsy Rowlands


Patsy Rowlands


.......On 21st November 1999 I had the great pleasure of meeting Patsy Rowlands at Pinewood Studios - see Carry On Stuffing for more details - where she kindly signed my copy of the Carry On Companion. At another event in February 2000, which I couldn't personally attend, she signed the above photo and two Carry On First Day Covers for me.

Prior to these two events I had sent Patsy some items to sign through the mail which had never been returned. This hadn't surprised me as I'd never heard of Patsy signing anything for anybody through the mail before. On Friday 1st December 2000 during the time my computer was playing up I was very surprised to receive a telephone call from Patsy herself. She was ringing to apologise for not responding to my letter from February 1999 (21 months earlier). It had got packed away with a lot of other correspondence when she was moving and had only just turned up.

Patsy asked if I still wanted my items signing, which of course I did, and then we spoke a little about the Carry On Stuffing event at Pinewood. Patsy said she had remembered me which was rather flattering and then we said our goodbyes.

A week later an envelope arrived from Patsy in which she enclosed the items I'd sent her to sign plus two additional photos of her own. I was chuffed to bits to say the least. Finally a through-the-mail response from Patsy Rowlands! It's great to be able to dispel the myth that Patsy ignores her fan mail!

So now I'd had a third telephone call from a Carry On performer! Do you think it's too much to hope for a fourth? Watch this space..............



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