Title: Wolf Pack

Chapter Title: The Beginning

Author: Baby Blues

E-mail: purely_blissful@hotmail.com

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the story is.

Summary: Male werewolves make their way towards Sunnydale as the young women of the pack learn of the Moon Dance, a fight between the females for the male who had won the leadership of the clan.

Dedication: To my warped brain, I'm glad you still have some brain cells left, my friend. Lol


~Buffy: The strongest will win

~Willow: The oldest.

~Wesley: The wisest will be leader.


The pack quickly heard of the males that had made their way to the small town of Sunnydale. Buffy had seen more unfamiliar faces and and smelled more scents all over the woods during her nightly runs.

She morphed to wolf form, stepping away from the clothes that piled on her feet. The scent of the night became stronger and her vision became sharper as her mother opened the door for her. "Be back before midnight. There're a lot of crazy wolves out tonight. I want you safe at home before they come howling at the moon like hooligans and petrifying the townies."

Buffy just continued down the front steps of their home as she ran freely into the night, disappearing through the shadows that encased the woods.

Joyce sighed. She shouldn't be letting her daughter out at such a hazardous night. Male wolves, especially those who were strangers to the pack, were dangerous. But her daughter was restless, and the only antidote for her sadness was the freedom of a run.

Buffy moved swiftly and quietly through the forest, instinct and natural reflexes the only thing getting her through the darkness of the forest. Her sleek white coat, with Buffy being one of the only few werewolves of the past to have been gifted with fur the color of the Moon Goddess, was pale in contrast to the night.

Her heart pounded and she felt herself crush the leaves and twigs beneath her paws as it added their own aroma to the night. She suddenly stopped when she smelled the scent of two approaching males.

She instinctively took a step back as they suddenly appeared before her. She felt another presence of wolves, three this time, and Buffy eased a bit as she felt the familiar members of her pack appear behind her. They growled warningly at the other two who still stood their ground, but with uneasiness in their glowing eyes.

Buffy looked at Spike, his long gray coat whipping smoothly with the wind. Xander stood behind him, short white and gray fur blowing with the wind as well. The two of them may never get along, but when it came to the pack, they were both as protective as each other. She felt Oz nuzzle her shoulder, making sure she wasn't harmed or injured. She nuzzled him back, whimpering and silently telling him she was fine.

Spike bared his teeth angrily, his wolf body crouched for attack. Xander was right behind him, ready to pounce. The two strangers spun, glaring at the group before sauntering off with an arrogant howl.

Spike stared at Buffy, question and anger in his eyes. She shouldn't have been out. What if the three of them hadn't come along? What would've happened to her? He stalked towards her and nipped at her neck hard enough for it to hurt, showing her his disapproval of her behavior.

Buffy growled warningly. He wasn't the pack leader. He couldn't tell her what to do. She stepped away from them and ignored Spike's raging bark. She felt Oz walking with her and felt a bit safer with her cousin, prominent by his bluish gray coat, by her side.

The two of them entered through the back door of Buffy's home. All the lights were on indicating that people were there. The two of them changed in the bathroom, not even blinking at the fact that they were both as naked as the day they born.

It wasn't something they cared for. The pair, along with the other members of the pack, had changed in front of each other since they could all remember. It wasn't something to shy from. It was as natural as running through the woods underneath the Mother Moon.

"Here," Buffy said, handing Oz, a robe, "You still have extra clothes upstairs."

"Thanks," he said and stared at her eyes as she fit herself into a robe as well, "What were you doing out tonight, Buff?"

She looked away. "I needed the run," she confessed, knowing she would be able to tell Oz anything. He may be the quietest out of all the pack members, but he was trustworthy. Plus, they were blood kin, their mothers being sisters and all.

A knock came on the door as it opened, revealing Cordelia and Willow. "We had been waiting for you!" the brunette scolded.

Buffy smirked and Oz took Willow's hand in his as the two headed towards the living room first. "Do you guys ever wonder who will win this battle?" Cordelia asked.

"The strongest will win," Buffy said with a nod.

"The oldest," Willow said.

"The wisest will be leader," Wesley's voice replied down the hall. His blue eyes landed on Oz, "You should leave, child. The meeting is for the women of the pack." The male werewolf nodded before kissing Willow on the cheek and heading up the stairs for some clothes.

The three girls moved towards the living room, noticing the other female members: Faith, Anya, Kendra, and Joyce. Buffy took a seat on the couch with Kendra, letting the girl crouch on her lap as she stroked her dark hair. The two had always been close, especially when Kendra lost her parents to natural causes and Buffy had been there through the hardships. Joyce had taken the young woman in for a while, but when the girls were twelve, Kendra moved in with her uncle and his family.

Willow sat on arm of the couch, playing with Buffy's hair as she kept an attentive ear around her. Cordelia sat back on the other side of the couch, facing her three closest friends. Joyce stayed seated on the loveseat with Anya as Faith paced by the window.

"I call you here to learn of the Moon Dance," Wesley began. "All seven of you are our unmated females."

"But I've had Giles . . . "

"He's gone, Joyce, meaning you are as free as the other girls."

She stayed silent.

"After The Blood Moon Battle, a fight between the females for the winning male will follow next. You seven are free to participate. The other women of our pack are either already mated or too old or too young," Wesley explained.

"How about lone female wolves? Will they come too?" Cordelia asked worriedly.

Wesley shook his head. "If a stranger wins as our pack leader, then one of our own should be chosen as his mate to keep our bloodline. If one of our own wins, then that's just a better advantage."

"Must we participate?" Buffy asked, hoping she didn't have to fight to be someone's bitch.

Faith sneered."Yeah, princess wolf doesn't like the thought of touching wolf mutts, right, babe?" she mocked.

"If you're trying to get a rise out of me, it's not working," Buffy said, glaring at the brunette who had always challenged her since they were young kids.

"Please," Wesley raised his hands to quiet them down, "Save it for the battle, girls. As I said before, it's your choice, but let's do this for survival . . . for the pack . The Moon has called it . . . "

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