Title: Wolf Pack

Chapter Title: The Changes

Author: Baby Blues

E-mail: purely_blissful@hotmail.com

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the story is.

Summary: Angelus confides in Gunn about his future plans as well as the rumor of a new threat going around town . . . and Faith listens in.


~Baby Blues: Yeah, he speaks French. The language of Looove.

~Nick: So? I speak Spanish. The language of . . . passion. Doesn’t that count for something?

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~Angelus: All those people are sheep, just ready to be slaughtered.

~Gunn: . . . Makes me wonder what Buffy would say if she heard you talking like that.


"So . . . what the hell are we gonna do about the commandos?" Gunn asked, staring out of Angel’s study room window the following day.

Angel scribbled furiously down a few notes on a legal pad with much concentration. "We take them out," Angel said seriously, "No going back this time . . . "

"No mercy," Gunn stated with a frown.

Angel looked up from his plans of action to look at Gunn, whose jaws were clenched so tightly that he was afraid his friend would break his own jaws from the sheer power of his absolute anger.

"No mercy," Angel finally repeated.

"Good," Gunn said with a curt nod.

Silence permeated the room, and Angel went back to work as he searched through the internet about any other information about the Initiative.

"What are the plans?" Gunn finally asked.

"First, we search during the day. The girls are going to town in an hour to find out any people who’s moved in during these past few months. Buffy’s leading the team," Angel said, proud of his girl.

Gunn nodded again.

"Tonight, we search for it," Angel continued, "If the girls don’t get any info, Wesley and Willow’s doing some mojo to search for it instead. All supplies for the spell are being shipped as we speak just incase. It will arrive at exactly three today so they can begin early," Angel added.

"I don’t want Cordelia getting hurt. I want these bastards killed, understand, Angelus?" Gunn said dangerously.

Angel glared at him. "Don’t order me around, Gunn," he growled back. "You’re pushing our friendship to the limits."

Gunn turned away, his fists clasped tightly into a ball. "I’m sorry."

Angel sat back on his chair and frowned at his friend. "You’re not the only one who’s in love and protective here," Angel began, "I have Buffy to guard . . . and an entire pack to fight for. Don’t start acting all high-n-mighty with me. I’m still pack leader, and no matter how much I hate to remind you, I’ve let you stay within the pack without any questions or macho bullshit. Don’t make me banish or challenge you out for disrespecting me."

"I know," he said and then stared at the hardwood floor. "She’s the one, Angelus . . . I’m in love with her as much as you’re in love with Buffy."

"Then you know as well as I do that I’ll do anything for her as you would do anything for Cordelia," Angel said wisely, "Just realize this . . . save your anger for the monsters who deserve it the most."

Gunn was silent but nodded anyway. "After we take care of the Initiative dilemma, what happens then?" Gunn asked, changing the subject to a much lighter tone. "Do we move out of here?"

"We stay," Angel answered gravely before returning to his work. "We’ve already began our lives here. We’ve made our mark in this town. Once we defeat the army, we stay and make this our true and permanent home."

"Still going for that crazy plan of yours?" Gunn suddenly asked.

"It’s not a crazy plan," Angelus snapped.

Gunn snorted and casually sauntered towards a chair and flopped down on it, knowing that he could specifically tease his friend about this certain topic without hesitation. "Oh yes," he said sarcastically, glad he could turn on the humor to make things a bit lighter through the tension Angelus was setting off in large and negative waves. "To take over the world? Am I right?"

"Fuck you," Angel grumbled.

"No, no, no," Gunn teased, "This is my territory. I know you, Angelus, I know that since coming here, the two of us have both gotten pussy whipped like no other. Penn was right," he said, finally agreeing with the jackass for once. "Don’t you fuckin’ tell me that life like this is better than the life you’ve been wanting for some time now."

"Let it go, Gunn," Angel growled menacingly.

"Those people in town . . . the people we’ve met, humans and werewolves alike, since moving here . . . you love them as much as I do. Love them as much as Buffy does," Gunn continued on, "You can’t deny the fact that your dream of turning this world into Werewolf kingdom is in the very back of your mind right now . . . that . . . or it’s completely gone. You care about this town too much to start infesting them with werewolf bites."

Angel laughed humorously. "All those people are sheep, just waiting to be slaughtered," he persisted.

Gunn grinned. ". . . Makes me wonder what Buffy would say if she heard you talking like that."

Angel looked at him for a second before letting himself rest his head against his hands. "I AM whipped," he confessed.

Gunn chuckled, stood up, and patted him on the back. "Me too," he said good naturedly. "Don’t tell anyone . . . and I won’t tell anyone about . . . well . . . you know," he chuckled.

Angel growled.

"Oh, and, Angelus?" Gunn said, before leaving the study, "Or should I say . . . Angel?"

Angel’s phone came crashing against the door, causing Gunn to laugh harder before he left, his chuckles echoing down the hall of the empty East Wing.

Angel smiled, stared at the picture of Buffy that sat on his desk before murmuring, "Yup, whipped as a domesticated dog."

And at that moment, Tiger chose to come sauntering inside, barking happily.

Angel groaned.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Faith smirked as she watched Angelus lounge back against his chair, a picture of Buffy in his hand as he gazed dreamily up at it. Tiger, the stupid mutt, sat on his lap.

It was a sickening sight, to see such a powerful werewolf with big dreams pant for the Princess.

Faith smiled again and stared at the black recorder in her hand and rewound it as she walked down the hall.

She pressed the play button. "All those people are sheep, just waiting to be slaughtered," Angel’s comment repeated once again.

Blackmail . . . for future use.

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