Title: Wolf Pack

Chapter Title: The Passion

Author: Baby Blues

E-mail: purely_blissful@hotmail.com

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the story is.

Summary: A night of passion and affection awakens the inner wants and needs of a pair of destined souls.

Dedication: To Jason, cause he wasn’t in class today.


~Angel: I love you.

~Buffy: I love you too.


"Hey," Buffy said softly as she entered Angelus’ study room.

He gazed up at the stack of papers that littered his desk and smiled as she walked towards him with a slight sway of her hips. He smirked and grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap, nibbling on her neck.

She chuckled and finally pulled away, staring at him with bright blue eyes.

"Find anything," he murmured against the creamy column of her neck.

"Mmm," she mumbled and sighed. "A house was bought three months ago on a street right by the college campus. Maggie Walsh moved there early this week to work as a professor in the college with a few handsome exchange ‘students’ with her."

Angel smiled against her neck. "That’s my girl," he rumbled, "You make me proud."

"Do I?" Buffy asked teasingly, straddling him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, biting on her lower lip innocently.

Angel groaned at magnificent purity that she was made of. "I love you," he whispered.

Buffy looked at him for a moment, and Angel grew worried at the lack of response he was receiving. But she smiled and said, "I love you more."

"I doubt that," Angel laughed, sitting back on his chair.

Buffy looked at his desk and quirked a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

Empty plates with grease stains on it was piled high in the corner, empty soda cans rolled haphazardly on the floor, papers with scrawled notes on the sides were strewn carelessly everywhere, yellow post-its practically covered his computer screen, and she wasn’t even going to mention the overflowing trashcan by his desk.

"You’re a great leader . . . but a messy organizer," Buffy stated amusingly.

Angel got testy and cupped her ass.

Buffy gasped and stared at him in surprise.

"Kiss me," he ordered.

Buffy smiled. "My pleasure," she whispered and plundered her mouth against his.

His eyes widened at the amount of ferocity in which she kissed him, but did not complain as he kissed her back with equal ardor as his hands traveled from her ass to her waist as he pressed her closer to him.

"Not here," he said, suddenly pulling away regretfully and getting up on his feet.

Buffy, a bit startled and confused, followed him as he led her out of his study and out to the hall a bit breathlessly.

Angel looked back and froze. She looked too good . . . with her hair tousled, her face flushed, her chest heaving. His eyes darkened with lust as he became impatient.

He grabbed her hips and lifted her as he pressed his lips against hers once again.

Buffy automatically wrapped her legs around his waist as their tongues intertwined, and their lips melded together in an erotic dance.

"Buffy," Angel sighed as he non-too-gently slammed her against the wall and began licking and nipping her neck; foreplay . . . that was part of his animalistic nature.

Buffy, in return, ran her fingers through his short spiky hair, massaging the back of his neck as she held onto him tighter.

Angel’s kisses traveled down to her chest before latching onto a cotton covered breast.

"Oh God," Buffy gasped and brought Angel’s lips up to greet hers.

"Bed. Need bed," Angel managed to grunt as he carried her towards the master’s bedroom.

He kicked the door open and closed it by shoving Buffy against the wooden door.


"Sorry," he said a bit embarrassedly, and kneaded her bottom with his large hands to make up for it.

A moan escaped her lips.

"Bed," she whispered, and Angel complied without a word.

He gently laid his golden goddess on the bed, cushioned against the soft velvet beddings and silk covered pillows. He stood up and anxiously ripped off his black silk shirt.

If Buffy wasn’t so excited and afraid, she would’ve laughed at his complete eagerness, but her eyes widened instead at the sight of his gorgeous body, tanned and glistening lightly with perspiration.

Angel’s eyes became hooded with lust as he bent forward and captured her lips in another tantalizing kiss that caused her to moan.

This was it. Here was the woman of his life . . . his heart, and he was about to take her . . . and she was allowing him.

"Are you sure?" he asked softly, still uncertain that this was what she really wanted.

Buffy nodded. "Make love to me," she said breathlessly.

He sighed and pulled her blue top over her head and his eyes darkened when she was left in nothing but a white lacy bra from the waist up.

"You are so beautiful," he exhaled as he carefully and slowly kneeled on the bed, hands wrapping around her small and tiny waist.

Angel unbuttoned her jean skirt and slowly slid it off of her young and alluring body made of soft flesh and supple muscles. And he continued to kiss her with much love and ardor he could create.

He undid her bra . . . and let gracefully fall away from her creamy shoulders.

Her laced panties came next . . .

. . . And a wolf howled in the distance.

"Make love to me," she whispered, staring intently at his dark eyes.

"You don’t have to tell me twice," replied and took off his pants that piled down onto the floor along with the rest of their clothes.

Angel settled between her legs and she stared up at him, with the light glow of the crescent moon shining down on their motionless forms.

The Goddess Moon rejoiced . . . and the Shadow King smiled.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too."

He inched his cock inside her wet depths, relishing at her warmth and her tightness. Nothing felt this good . . . absolutely nothing.

Buffy gasped as he gently pushed himself deeper and deeper inside of her with deliberate carefulness as of not to hurt her.

Angel felt the barrier of her womanhood and silently prayed for more strength to be able to do this . . . to take away the last innocence of the woman he loved.

"Please," she begged quietly.

And that was all it took as she softly cried at the pleasurable pain that surged through her body . . . firing up her insides as though an entire bonfire had been set off within her . . . making her blood boil, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes as she bit her lips, hard enough to draw blood.

Angel slowly licked the red droplets off and stilled as he waited patiently for her to get use to his size.

When she quieted down, and her silent tears began creeping its way down her cheeks . . . he began to move, shifting gently within her at an unhurried and cautious speed.

Buffy placed her hands on his shoulders, feeling his muscles ripple beneath her touch as he continued to move.

She became impatient. "Faster," she ordered, "Harder."

Angel groaned and surged deeper into her at the sound of the command, a reflex form what the woman he loved wanted from him. And of course, being the whipped leader he was, he had to obey.

Buffy cried and arched against him, and Angel began to fear that it was too much for her to take. But when she shoved against him, he took that as a ‘no’ and continued on at a much faster pace.

Buffy felt her peak approaching and Angel immediately noticed as he plunged a bit deeper into her.

With a roar, he came spilling his seed within her warm and welcoming body.

And Buffy soon followed, screaming out his name in the darkness of the bedroom.

Angel collapsed on top of her as the pair panted . . . sweat dripping from their sated forms.

And the two lovers . . . joined by the Moon Goddess and the powers that surrounded them, finally became one.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Angel!" Buffy screamed through the other side of Angelus’ bedroom.

Faith growled and quietly ran down the hall of the East Wing.

Blood would be shed tonight.

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