Title: Wolf Pack

Chapter Title: The Enemy

Author: Baby Blues

E-mail: purely_blissful@hotmail.com

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the story is.

Summary: Faith, in a rage of jealousy, runs into a group of men and promises them the alpha female of the Slayer Clan if they release her.

Dedication: To Maha, just ‘cause. I love ya, babe!


~Faith: Get me the fuck out, you assholes!

~Forest: Spunky little thing isn’t she?

~Faith: . . . I’ll show you spunky, fucker!


"You have to keep your head high, Bite Size," Spike said, lifting Cole’s arms a bit more as the young boy clutched the baseball bat with forlorn concentration.

"I’ll never get this right," he complained, this being his fifth try at hitting the ball.

Spike frowned at him and chucked his chin. "Never show weakness, kid," Spike whispered, "Never let them hear you whine. It’s not manly."

Cole’s eyes widened in shock and purposely stood taller as he stared at Dylan with more confidence on his young face.

"That’s it," Spike coached.

Cole nodded and fixed his brother a dangerous stare inside their playroom, and Spike smiled proudly at the hint of werewolf characteristic that went along with that glare.

The room was quiet except for the hum of the fan above their heads. Their only audience was the set of Disney characters painted on the walls as well as the numerous amount of stuffed toys that littered the corners around them.

"You ready, Snack Size?" Spike yelled over Dylan who stood at the far end of the playroom with a trace of mischief in his twinkling blue eyes.

Dylan nodded and took a deep breath, trying to stare down his brother with his own fixed stare before throwing the ball in the air and towards Cole.

But before his twin could hit it . . . someone caught it instead . . .

"Nice throw, twerp," Faith smirked at Dylan as she tossed her dark hair behind her.

The boy gaped at her, irritated and insulted, as she threw the ball in the air and caught it once more with a clear smack as the surface hit her palm.

Spike rolled his eyes and groaned under his breath.

Him and Faith did NOT get along.

It was just something about her . . . the darkness that obviously encircled her and the bitterness that consumed her.

"What dya want . . . Precious?" Spike fancied the name ‘slut’ when it came to Faith, but not in front of the boys. After all, he was the ‘super-cool’ older brother for the twins . . . didn’t want to be a bad influence or anything.

"I need to talk to you," Faith said with dead seriousness as she pitched the ball to a very startled Cole, who caught it against his stomach with a small ‘oomph.’

The twins frowned at her for her callousness.

Spike shrugged and followed the dark-haired beauty out the playroom doors.

"Keep practicin,’ " he ordered the twins with a light smirk before he closed the door behind them.

Faith scratched the back of her head, deep in though as she tried to replay what she was going to say in her mind . . . the pros and the cons of the plan.

She crossed her arms against her chest, biting her bottom lip as she began pacing.

Spike began itching for a cigarette.

"I’m gonna ask ya again," the blonde said slowly and gravely, "Spit it out."

She stopped in the middle of the hall and finally stared up at him.

"I have a deal I‘d like to discuss with you."

Spike quirked a dark brow and leaned casually against the wall. "What kind of deal, pet?" he asked, " ‘Cause one thing’s for sure, I ain’t bloody well gonna sleep with you if you were the last person on this earth."

Faith looked disgusted. "Trust me, Bleach Wonder, it’s a mutual thing."

Spike snorted.

She rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. "Look," Faith began, "Why don’t you just get over yourself for one minute here and let me say what I have to say."

He stood there silent and waiting.

"I know how in love with Buffy you are. I know how much you want her back," she said with a slight smirk as Spike’s posture to stiffen as he glared daggers at her in warning, "And I’m longing for Angelus myself . . . "

"If you’re about to suggest what I bloody well think you’re about to be suggestin‘, then you better find someone else to play minion to you on this one," he said dangerously. " ‘Cause one thing’s for sure, pet . . . " he said with a nod, "Those two are bonded," he reminded her. "Not just dominatrix bonded . . . but BONDED," he declared and then shrugged, trying to hide his own heartache from just hearing himself say it.

"You can try all you want to separate them two," he said, "But their link is stronger than what you expect . . . "

Faith’s jaws clenched visibly as she took in his words with silence.

"After all," Spike continued, "The Gods and Goddesses of our kind had blessed them the night of the battle. . . " He looked away and said, " ‘N if you haven’t witnessed their constant make-out sessions, then you’re just bloody blind . . . " he told her and then smirked arrogantly as he continued to mask his pain, " . . . That or just bloody stupid," he spat.

Faith shot him a cold glance. "So you’re not going to help me?" she asked as she tried to control her anger beneath a cool and calm exterior.

He shook his head with a indifferent leer that made his cheekbones more prominent beneath the dim lights of the hallway. His blue eyes then darkened a shade as he studied her. "No . . . " he shook his head and pretended to think for a minute, "Wait . . . that’s not just a no, that’s a bloody HELL no," he answered and gave her a large and sarcastic smile.

"And you say you love Buffy," Faith countered, hoping that the comment would pop his conceited bubble that he always seem to surround himself with.

Spike frowned at her.

"I love her . . . " he said with much sincerity and force, "With as much honor and truth for a bloke like me," he said, a small smile tugging at his lips at the bitter irony of it all.

A chap like him, never once believing that he’d fall for an innocent school girl like Buffy. But here he was . . . the living proof of it. A man, who once only cared about no one and nothing, fell for a girl practically opposite of who he was.

He shook his head and stared at Faith’s distant and furious brown eyes.

"Don’t doubt my love for Buffy, ya understand?" he warned, "But the girl is happy, and there’s no bloody way I’m gonna get in the way of that. If the bastard makes her smile . . . makes her laugh . . . then I can only stand back . . . and let her go," he said defiantly before turning to enter the playroom.

"Go on ‘n chase your human meat-boys, Faith," Spike threw behind his shoulder, " ‘Cause there’s no way in hell Angelus will shack up with you anyways."

Faith glared at the shut door.

Not only did Spike reject her proposition . . . he didn’t even listen to it. And the fucker got the last word.

With a growl, Faith turned and sprinted across the hall and down dark main staircase. Tears of confusion threatening to spill from her eyes as she ran past Wesley and Willow who stood at the bottom, talking about what might be keeping Buffy and Angelus from the meeting . . . even if they had an idea of what that might be.

The pair stared at the brunette as she rushed out of the mansion and out the door in mere moments before the they could say anything.

The air was damp and cold outside. The promise of a storm visible and clearly composed within the atmosphere.

"Stupid Fucker," she growled, dodging low branches and jumping over fallen logs and trees as she dashed through the woods.

It was a stupid plan.

To sneak into Angelus’ room and seduce him.

To ask Spike, of all beings, for help.

"Ha!" she shouted.

What a joke.

Instead, Spike had dissed and dismissed her like she was trash . . . and instead of seducing Angelus, she was met by moans and groans and a definite scream from a very satisfied Buffy.

How screwed up was that?!

"God! Stupid bitch!" she screamed, blaming everything on the golden child of the Slayer Clan.

She suddenly tripped and fell, crashing to the ground with a clear thud.

"Fuck!" she shouted, trying to get on her feet.

But a loud clank stopped her, and the next thing she knew, she was inside a cage . . . barred and jailed like a wild animal.

She shook the bars that had suddenly enclosed her, looking wildly around for an opening so she can escape.

The air became thick with the smell of her fear, and Faith growled as a group of men appeared from the trees.

"Shit," she cursed, staring wildly around.

"Look at we have here," one of the camouflaged men practically sang.

"Get me the fuck out, you assholes!" she yelled through clenched teeth as she rattled her cage.

"Spunky little thing, isn’t she?" a familiar black man said.

Faith tried to grab him through the space between the bars of the crate. "I’ll show you spunky, fucker!" she promised, trying to reach for him in her position.

The group laughed.

One of them took out a radio. "Walsh, Finn here, we have a female in our hands."


"Caged and ready for transport," he answered proudly.



"Loner?" Faith repeated in horror.

"Bring her in."

"NO!" she screamed as the cage was raised slightly in the air, four wheels appearing beneath it.

Faith racked her brain for something . . . anything at all to get herself out of this mess. "Please," she begged, the instinct of survival coming through loud and clear through her actions.

The group ignored her.

"Let me out . . . "

"Now, why would we do that?" Finn chuckled dryly.

Faith’s eyes widened, and a certain twinkle of wickedness entered her eyes. "I can give you the alpha female . . . for my place. I‘ll give her to you . . . " she said desperately.

Finn stopped dead on his tracks and stared at her, and Faith knew there was hope after all.

She nodded. "I can lead her into your hands . . . "

Finn paused for a moment, and finally took out his radio. "Walsh . . . we may have something more here."

"Like what, Finn?" the Professor said impatiently.

"The alpha female!" Faith screamed hurriedly, "I can give you the alpha female of the Slayer Clan."


"Bring the captured subject in," Walsh replied through the radio, "We’ll talk. Conjure up a deal perhaps."

Faith smiled.

"You’ve just become my new best friend, my dear," Walsh added before clicking off.

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