Title: Wolf Pack

Chapter Title: The Betrayal

Author: Baby Blues

E-mail: purely_blissful@hotmail.com

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the story is.

Summary: Faith makes a move on Angel and Buffy sadly witnesses the entire thing . . . specific things are exposed and discovered.

Dedication: To "Vincent" . . . Mea . . . come on! You gotta name him better than that, sucka!


~Faith: You want me . . . I know you do . . .

~Angelus: Yeah, I’m aching just to be with you . . . Can’t you tell?


Faith crept quietly inside Angelus’ study room, admiring him with a wicked gleam in her rich brown eyes as he worked attentively on his desk, face marred charmingly in a captivating frown, and making him look more attractive than before.

He was the sexiest specimen she had ever met . . . and soon, he would be hers. Very soon.

"How can I help you, Faith?" he asked, stirring the brunette out of her immoral thoughts as he continued working without looking up from the papers he was scanning over.

She smiled and then shrugged, running tentative fingers against the spines of his book collection that stood in the far wall in neat rows in an antique bookcase. "Just wanted to say congratulations . . . on your engagement to Princess Wolf," she said with an evil leer that caught Angelus’ attention.

"Thank you," he said simply, frowning a bit, "Is that all?"

Faith looked at him in surprise and smirked. He wasn’t going to be fooled by her bullshit. Good. He wasn‘t gullible.

"Fine," Faith stated, "I’ll get right to the point."

"Good," Angelus said, "I was growing rather bored."

"Ouch," she feigned hurt, but looked impressed at his comeback.

"Faith," he said with a forced smile, "I know this isn’t a social visit where we sit around and drink tea and talk about the weather for two hours. I wanna know what you’re doing here."

"I think we both know what I’m here for," she whispered huskily as she sashayed towards Angelus like a predator on the hunt.

Problem was, Angelus was a predator himself.

He quirked and eyebrow and finally sat back in his chair, gazing at her with curiosity. He could tell from the expression on her face, and the twinkle in her eyes that she came here to seduce.

"Question is . . . will I fall for it?" Angelus countered back as she draped herself like silk on his desk.

Angelus had seen this before. And it had often worked . . . too bad he was a taken man, and there was no way in hell he was going to fall for it when he already had a beautiful golden goddess he was desperately in love with.

Faith would have to get her kicks elsewhere.

He heard that Spike was having a tough time dealing with the new situation of him and Buffy. Maybe Faith could keep him company for a while.

"Oh you will fall for it," she promised, eyes darkening with lust. " ‘Cause I know what you really need."

"Do you?’ Angelus asked, deciding to humor her.

This was a little girl, still new in the world of grow ups, and trying to play a leading roll. It wasn’t working. She was still a rookie no matter how many men she’s had in her bed.

"You don’t want innocence, Angelus," she breathed lowly, fingering the end of her red top as she slowly exposed a part of her creamy flesh, "You want danger . . . because it’s familiar territory, right?"

Angelus wanted to laugh.

"Familiar territory?" he asked, "More like I own the whole damn territory, sweetheart."

She grinned and placed both her feet on either side of him, biting on her lower lip. The way Buffy did . . . Faith just hoped he noticed. She gently kneaded her breasts and threw her head back in ecstasy, moaning out his name like a prayer older than time itself.

"You want me," she whispered and then stared at him with hooded eyes, "I know you do."

Angelus chuckled softly. "Yeah, I’m aching just to be with you," he laughed, "Can’t you tell?"

Faith stopped and glared at him. "You’re mocking me?"

"You’re mocking yourself, Faith," Angelus snapped back ad shook his head softly, "I don’t know what kind of game you’re pulling, but it’s not working. I’m happy with what I have. Do you really think I’m gonna waste that on you?" he snorted, "Dream on, school girl."

Faith lifted up a hand and was about to strike him in the face when he caught her wrist. "Don’t," Angelus growled warningly as the pair glared at one another, "I have my human morals to hold me back from beating the shit out of you, Faith . . . but we both know that the two us are werewolves . . . and in our morals, it doesn’t say anything about that . . . now does it?"

Faith was panting. She knew she was in a very dangerous position that no one, humans and werewolves alike shouldn‘t be in. When a pack member attacks their leader, it was a challenge of dominance.

He pushed her wrist away hard enough to make her tumble the floor. She snapped her head back and glared at him again.

"I think you should leave," he sighed, continuing on with his paper work, "And we’ll forget about this incident."

Faith laughed dryly on got up on her feet, wobbling a bit. "You think you’ve won?" she asked him, "But you haven’t . . . " She pulled out a black recorder from her pocket and showed it to him.

Angelus quirked a brow. "What are you gonna do? Record me to death?" he laughed amusingly.

"All those people are sheep, just waiting to be slaughtered . . . " a voice boomed through the small gadget.

Angelus’ eyes widened.

Faith smirked and rewound it, playing it once again for him to hear. "I wonder what Buffy would say if she heard this entire conversation," Faith sang mockingly, "I know how much she hates fake people . . . how much she despises it when she's lied to and manipulated like that." She rewound it again. "I wonder what she would do when the man she loves is just a ruthless and heartless werewolf who wants nothing but power. Who used her to gain a kingdom and turn it into something evil and ruthless. Wouldn’t be good . . . now would it?" she smiled at him.

"Where . . . "

"I overheard you and Gunn talking," she explained with a shrug.

"She won’t believe you," Angelus swallowed.

If Buffy heard that . . . she might start doubting him . . . she might even leave him. And that wouldn’t do good. Not for him or . . . their relationship.

"She wouldn’t . . . would she?" Faith chuckled. "I believe that’s your voice and Gunn’s. What’s not to believe?" She closed in on him and whispered in his ear, "Plus, I can be VERY convincing when it comes to Virgin Mary. If I told her that the only way to save to the pack is to jump off the cliff, she would do it with no questions. If I tell her that you've been dragging her around by the tits like a bitch in heat to just gain power to destroy the world," Faith chuckled, "She'll believe it in a heartbeat." She gazed down at him and bit her lip seductively, "You know why? . . . Because beneath all the love she has for you lies doubt, and I can't wait to play on that."

"What do you want Faith?" Angelus growled.

He was not going to loose Buffy . . . not when he just got her . . . and definitely not when they were finally at this point where they were engaged and planning on what type of flowers and cake they were going to have for the wedding. Not when everything was just so perfect.

The brunette pressed stop and looked at Angelus’ stricken face.

She smiled.

"I want you," she answered truthfully as she walked towards him, looking down at his handsome face as she pressed one knee between his and spread his legs.

Angelus made a grab for the recorder, opened it quickly and smashed the small tape within his hand.

Faith laughed and placed herself on top of him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I’m not that stupid, Angelus," she whispered in his ear, "I have a box full of them," she informed him.

Angelus swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat.

This wasn’t happening.

Think of something, you idiot! he mentally yelled at himself.

"So . . . I was think . . . " Faith said grinding herself down on his lap.

"Oh my God . . . "

Both of them looked up to find Buffy standing outside the study room, a trembling hand against her mouth as she stared at them in disbelief.

Angelus quickly pushed Faith off from his lap and stared at Buffy’s bewildered blue eyes, tears ready to fall.

"Buffy," he breathed. Oh God . . . "I can . . . "

She shook her head and let out a pitiful sob and quickly ran down the hall, her heart breaking into a million pieces at her feet.

She ran down the steps of the mansion, eliciting a small yelp from Wesley as he dropped his book to the ground.

Kendra and Xander, who sat at the end of the stairs playing rock, paper, scissors, stared at her shaking form as she disappeared outside and into the night where the only sounds were the crickets chirping.

But in Buffy’s mind, all she could see was Faith on top of Angelus, breathing in his ear. She only knew of Angelus surprised, but yet comfortable look as she ground herself down onto him like a slut she truly was.

She though he was different . . . but obviously marriage was different in his vocabulary. He still saw her as some innocent child who wouldn’t be able to keep up with him.

Well Fine! If he wanted Faith . . . then let him have her! If the bitch made him happy, happier than she made him . . . then FINE!

She was so deep in thought, so lost in her pain that she didn’t even notice the gun that was aimed straight at her . . . or the soft sound of it going off.

All that was going through her mind as she fell on the ground with a thud and as the tears continued to spill from her eyes was . . . "Angel . . . why?"

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