Title: Wolf Pack

Chapter Title: The Capture

Author: Baby Blues

E-mail: purely_blissful@hotmail.com

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the story is.

Summary: Buffy is captured by the Initiative and a discovery about the alpha female is made that surprises Buffy the most.

Dedication: To Sarah, who just had a baby on Dec. 14th. Congrats! My wishes and prayers are to you!


~Graham: She’s a pretty one.

~Riley: I wonder if that’s her only attribute.

~Buffy: I look at you and I wonder if you have any attributes at all.


Buffy groaned, her head throbbing as though an entire African clan with their beating drums were celebrating the new moon in her aching head. Blue eyes fluttered open as the young woman gazed around her surroundings through blurry vision.

Everything around her was just white. Bright and extreme. Buffy blinked, and for a brief second, she thought that this may be heaven . . . until the throbbing inside her head intensified and told her otherwise.

"Oh, God," she muttered, pressing her wrist against her forehead as she slowly sat up and ignored the overwhelming dizziness that threatened to consume her. "Anyone catch the number on that truck?" she tried to joke in a whisper, but when she tried to smile it off, the pain seemed to increase inside her skull.

A low chuckle brought her out of her haze as she finally gazed up into a pair of blue eyes. She squinted at the bright light that shone down on her above his head. Her vision soon cleared afterwards as studied the tall man with blond hair smiling at her like a Cheshire Cat who had just found a long lost treasure.

"There was no number actually," he answered, his smile turning into an impish smirk that if she didn‘t feel as though an anvil had dropped on her would‘ve smacked it right off his face.

Wait . . . that sounded like the action to take.

She got up on her feet, instincts taking over as she lunged towards him. She instinctively knew of the danger he possessed and the will to inflict hurt upon him so she could escape. But an invisible blockade prevented her from doing so, and she finally noticed the glass that held her within her sanitary cage made of white tiles. She placed flat palms against the glass and gazed around, finding other cells with lone figures huddled in the corner or pacing endlessly.

They glanced at her for only a moment, but what she saw in their eyes were easy to read and surely unmistakable. It was fear in those eyes . . . as well as admission of defeat.

Buffy frowned.

"You must be wondering where you are," the man said, dressed in a khaki green sweater and pants.

"The Initiative," Buffy answered quietly, staring at him with suspicion.

He looked surprised and quirked an eyebrow. "And you know."

"Of course. I was there," she replied, anger in her eyes, "The first time you attacked us."

"Well," he smiled wickedly as a strand of blond hair fell in front of his eyes, "I didn’t have the chance to be there. Sadly, I was here, in the compound . . . awaiting your arrival."

"But we didn’t arrive," Buffy answered back defiantly as she unconsciously lifted up her chin in show of pride and superiority.

"Don’t be so smug," he grinned, "We caught you in the end after all."

Buffy glared at him in return through the glass that blocked her from throttling him.

"I see that Sleeping Beauty finally woke up," another voice added.

Buffy glanced up and found two other men joining their conversation with haughty expressions.

"Riley," a handsome black man with a bald head greeted. She remembered him from the attack. Forest was his name. "A meeting with Professor Walsh and the other doctors in half an hour," he told his colleague.

Riley nodded in understanding.

"She’s a pretty one," another man commented before three pairs of eyes raked over her form.

Buffy unconsciously took a step back as they continued to undress her with heated and perverted eyes.

"I wonder if that’s her only attribute," Riley added before chuckling.

"I look at you and wonder if you have any attributes at all," Buffy snapped without thinking.

Riley frowned, his lust glazed eyes turning cold. "If you weren’t so important to Walsh, I would’ve opened this cell door and taken you against your will for your utter disrespect," he angrily said through clenched teeth.

"My mate would rip you to shreds," Buffy retorted back.

"You’re in *our* territory, little girl . . . not your lover’s. This is our playground. What we say goes. Your lover can‘t touch anything here . . . not even you." Riley and the others smirked. "Plus, a little bird told us that he was a bit preoccupied by that hot little brunette at this moment," he informed her.

Buffy’s face fell at the remembrance, and quickly looked away as she fought the tears.

Of course . . . how could she have forgotten.

And her heart bled even more, and she clutched a fist against her chest, afraid the pain would seep through her skin and clothes, leaving a crimson trail from her body and down on the clean white tiles of her cell.

"Don’t cry, lover . . . "

"Don’t you dare call me that!" she screamed and glared up at him before slamming her hands against the glass as she looked at him, a tear rolling down her cheeks to meet the floor.

Riley smiled. "Touchy? Aren’t we?’ he mocked. "It’s not my fault that your *mate* can’t seem to make up his mind when it comes to females."

Buffy’s chin quivered as she closed her eyes at the total truth of his words. Angelus was a man, not only of brilliance and great stature, but of sexual needs that couldn’t be easily, or simply, sated with one night . . . or one morn.

She had believed that when she came into his life, that it would change . . . but it obviously didn’t. She was like a child, not a woman that Angelus wanted and needed. Buffy was an innocent, with morals and a virtue . . . with a strong head and a clear intelligent mind. She was no seductive vixen with years of experience when it came to men. She was nothing like that . . . no wonder Angelus would turn towards Faith.

She rested her head against the glass, not caring that the three men were watching her curiously. Let them watch. Her grief was too much to ignore now. Too excruciatingly painful to pay no heed to.

Angelus didn’t love her as he had said . . . didn’t want to spend eternity with her as he had promised. What he wanted was more power . . . and a final tie to the Slayer Clan.

She had been used and manipulated by a man she thought she could trust, and this was not just by any man, but by the one she loved the most.

It seemed as though life was over.

She had given Angelus her heart, her soul, and her promise of eternity. Was it so wrong to ask for the same from him?

But it was too late now.

The emptiness was unconsciously reaching towards her. Soon, it’ll leave no room for anything else inside of her. Time could only tell how long before the emptiness reached her heart to consume it.

"Gentlemen," Walsh suddenly interrupted the silence, "Restrain the girl and bring her to the lab."

Buffy’s head snapped up to find the head honcho giving the three young men orders. She looked at Buffy and smirked at the tears. "Hello, dear," the woman greeted cheerily, "I hope you’re strong enough to survive a few tests."

Buffy stared at her long and hard. "Bring it on."

The emptiness had gradually leaked through her skin.

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