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Below are just a few quotes from emails that I have received from customers who has purchased this adorable book;

Just wanted you to know that my daughter received your facial book and hasn't put it down yet! I got it pretty quick and I appreciate that and so does she. She's having a spa slumber party next week and we really wanted to make homemade masks instead of buying them... more fun that way! Thanks again! - Dyana and Meagan, Tarentum, PA

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!! I received the "Barefoot Lass's Divine Facials" book in a very timely fashion, and read it front to back upon opening the envelope. I then re-read it that evening, flagging all the beauty 'to-do's' I intend to try. I am currently studying for the Ohio Bar Exam, and my time is pretty pressed but there are so many quick and easy treatments in your book. I managed to squeeze in the "Baby Soft Smoother" scrub. All I can say about this simple concoction is AWESOME...I ended up making enough the second time to use on my arms and legs as well!!! The first time I tried the scrub on my face I was AMAZED at how silky soft my skin became...my face actually glowed (even my husband noticed)! - Jacqueline, Cleveland, OH

Just to let you know that my book arrived yesterday and I love it! I sat down last night and read it from cover to cover twice. I really liked the size and the wipe clean format and can't wait to try out all of the recipes and tips. I especially want to have a go at erasing some of my wrinkles. Let me know if you ever do a sequel. Thanks again! - Hazel, United Kingdom

I ordered your book for my wife and she loves it. It came in perfect condition and very timely. She says it is a very informative and well put together book. She also likes the size and that it is in plastic so it won't get wet or dirty. Keep up the good work!! Thank you! Robert Ruark, Millsboro, DE

The darling, wonderful little book arrived today. I LOVE it! I will probably be back to order more for friends. It would make such a great little 'special' gift for dear friends. - Deb, Tulsa, OK

My goodness, what an adorable book! At first I thought that the price had been a bit steep and almost didn't order it. But I am so glad that I did! Just the recipe for the Baby Soft Smoother was way worth the price. I used to use a quite expensive and well known facial treatment (cost $72). Your facial scrub works even better! Talk about saving money, and my skin has never been so soft. Many thanks to you for writing this awesome little book and making it available for everyone. - Mildred, King of Prussa, PA

I just wanted to let you know that both of my dear friends received their books yesterday and LOVE them! They were very pleased.Thank you again for the great price, fast shipping and helping me to brighten the day for a couple of wonderful friends. - Deb, Tulsa, OK

Just wanted to let you know that I received my book and that I am really happy with it. It's a neat little book. I ordered it for my daughter who is 21 years old, and so I gave it to her. She likes it too. I also have been checking out your website and it has a lot of good tips on it. Thanks for the book and the website. - Joy, Anderson, CA

I received your book Saturday. My husband sat on the porch reading many of your recipes aloud to me for 20 minutes... finally I told him to get his own copy. Your book is fun and informative. You go girl!!! - Dee, Floral City, Florida

Received the book yesterday. Liked your wrapping, and let my wife open it. She and my granddaughter were very impressed with the design, content and how it was put together. My granddaughter took it to school today. They are already hinting at buying more for Christmas presents. - Don, Crawford, TX

Hi Barefoot Lass, got your book yesterday - that was quick! I had great fun reading through it last night and planning a big pampering session!! Many thanks! - Pauline, United Kingdom

These dandy little books would make a wonderful birthday gift, or a "just because" gift to brighten a friends day (I will mail the book to your friends address with a personal note from you!). How about a gift for little ol' you? Go a head... pamper yourself... you deserve it!


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