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Barefoot Lass's Favorite Beauty Products!


Below are a few of my absolute favorite beauty products. I have tried and tested these amazing beauty essentials and I honestly couldn’t live without them. I am listing these wonderful beauty finds here so that my readers can also reap the benefits. I try new things all of the time, so check back often to see updates.

Rating Key:

Top Pick 5 Flowers: Gotta Try It!
Super Product 4 1/2 Flowers: Not Perfect, but darn close
Super Product 4 Flowers: Good stuff
Top Pick 3 1/2 Flowers: More pros than cons
Top Pick 3 Flowers: Shouldn't be listed here


Sheer Cover® This is my first pick for great Mineral Makeup. With the Sheer Cover® Kit you take control of your complexion, and decide how you want the world to see you. Even if your skin is blotchy, ruddy or blemished, you can literally brush away those imperfections and feel confident about how you look. Sheer Cover® Mineral Makeup goes beyond covering up flaws—it’s makeup that’s actually good for your skin! Top Pick


DHC Velvet Skin Coat: Okay girls... want to hide those little imperfections on that otherwise beautiful face? Are your pores just a tad too large? Velvet Skin Coat to the rescue! I have been using this little gem of a product for over 3 years now. I wouldn't go without it. Makeup goes on so smooth... gorgeous matte look... no oily skin shining through... dry skin looks young and soft. You can even wear Velvet Skin Coat without makeup and still get the same gorgeous looking skin. You have just got to try this stuff. Quite reasonably priced too!  Top Pick


The Body Shop Eyebrow Kit: Want perfect eyebrows? You are going to love The Body Shop Eyebrow Kit! In the past, I used eyebrow pencils. No more! This kit come with two shades of powder and the perfect eyebrow brush. If you want the look of natural, fuller eyebrows, this is the kit for you! Price for perfect eyebrows? $12.50  Eyebrows


Cargo BeachBlush: Want the perfect Acapulco Glow all year round? Try Carogo BeachBlush in the shade Coral Beach! Summer in a compact! CARGO BeachBlush™ is a glowing, bronzing blush combining four complementary shades that when swept together, provide a perfect balance of color - the radiance of a newly flushed face and the glow of a lasting summertime tan. Beautiful!  bronzer


Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eye Pencil: I have tested quite a few waterproof eyeliners in the past. Even though I feel that I haven't found the absolute perfect waterproof eyeliner, this automatic pencil by Almay comes quite close. Very affordable at $6.89, you won't find another at this price with such staying power. I use the color "Definite Brown" for that soft, doe eyed look. I have found that although this great liner doesn't always last the full 16 hours, it works great for me for my 8 hour work shift.  Eye Liner

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia: This wonderous eyeliner is totally to die for. No raccoon eyes for you when you wear this gel liner. I use this product for special nights out. A tad pricey at $18, but well worth it since it lasts and lasts! You do need a good eyeliner brush to apply, however the finished result is worth it.  Gel Liner


L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Makeup SPF 18: I try different liquid makeups all of the time and I am still trying to find the perfect one. So check this often! This month I am trying L'Oreal Infalllible Never Fail Makeup. Although this liquid makeup may not be for everyone, having normal skin, I really like it so far. Very good coverage and spreads over the skin quite easily. This makeup does last all day and it gives me an even complexion and a bit of a glow to boot. The other thing that I like about this infallible makeup is that it looks pretty close to natural in all kinds of lighting (day light, office light, etc.). Available at for $12.99.  Liquid Makeup


Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff Face Disk: This great makeup kit has it all! It comes in a mirror compact with a palette filled with colors and ingredients that are inspired by the nature. This kit has everything you need to make your face look more radiant and beautiful (and younger) everyday and for special occasions. My favorite palette items are the contouring shadow (great 4 enhancing cheekbones and de-hancing double chins) and the Pooch & Nose (a light toned powder to shape and define the nose or to recess puffy eyelids and/or as eyeshadow). This kit is so easy to use! It now only takes me 5 minutes to apply my makeup. The Face Dish is on sale now! Hurry before the sale is over! Available online at;


Hard Candy - Sweet Spot Lip Gloss : These groovy glosses provide your pout with sheer color, maximum shine, and an addictive orange blossom flavor. The retro-mod packaging is equally as tasty. Each squeeze tube is outfitted with a special slanted tip so you can apply it directly to your lips. Totally luscious!  Staying Power!

DuWop Lip Venom: Lip Venom is a spicy, tingly gloss that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation with a blend of essential oils including cinnamon and ginger. The result: shiny, bee-stung lips. Quite affordable at $16. Ya gotta try this stuff!  Lip Gloss

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: I know, I know, this is not a lipstick. But it sure is the number one essential for soft, sexy lips. This reasonably priced lip moisturizer is rated number one in many beauty reviews. I apply Vaseline on my "stay at home" days and also each night before bed. I buy the small 1.75 oz. jar (fits into my purse for emergencies) at the grocery store in the baby section. A mere $1.27 for soft, luscious lips.  Vaseline

Face Masks


Dr. Perricone's Super 3 Minute Facial: This product truly is amazing! The Super 3 minute facial will leave your skin soft and glowing and super refreshed. Dr. Perricone has done it again... This product delivers intense, tingling hydration while renewing skin for an afterglow that will last. Made with ginger, a feisty little superfood, this golden root stimulates skin for a quick boost of vitality and radiance. Skin is left super sexy in three minutes flat. A tad pricey, but well worth every penny.  Top Pick

Queen Helene Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque: At $4.49 a tube, this grape seed mask rocks! Full of antioxidants this mask whisks off dead skin cells while deep cleaning, tightening and refining your skin. Cleans your clogged pores, softens facial lines and soothes and tones your skin. You will definitely see a difference! Great price, great results, I love it!  Masque

Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel: Talk about pricey! This retexturizing peel goes for a whooping $80! But, don't turn your cute little nose up yet... this stuff is totally amazing! I break out my Ellen Lange Peel for special occasions. The box contains enough product for 8 facial peels. The benefits of this peel are; reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliates, helps renew and rejuvenate sun-damaged skin and gives skin a healthy glow. No kidding, this product does the job! Available at better department stores.  Top Pick

Anti Aging


Principal Secret: Finally! After trying dozens of creams, lotions and potions for my aging skin (yep, Barefoot Lass isn't so young any more!), I have finally found a product that really works! If you have tired, stressed out skin that is prone to wrinkling like me... this is the product for you! The Principal Secret Reclaim® system helps keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful with an age-fighting system so powerful you’ll see results you didn’t think possible. Easy to use and affordable, Reclaim® anti-aging skin care is designed to help fight the visible appearance of facial expression lines and wrinkles.  Top Pick

TePoemä Restorative Eye Essence: Yet another great product from the TePoemä skincare line! I have spent big bucks trying so many other products that promise to get rid of those dark circles and little crows feet. Only to find that they didn't work and I had wasted yet more of my hard earned money. My search is over! This amazing eye cream has micro-swelling Defense to relieve under eye circles and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. One of the ingrediants is Passion Flower which helps reduce discolorations and dark circles. Other natural ingrediants are Bamboo Extract and Pea Extract that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles giving a lifting effect. Helps my eyes look bright and fresh. Love this stuff! $36.00, not too bad of a price for great results! To tell you the truth, I use the whole TePoemä line and I rave about it to my friends so I thought that I would share it with my readers!  Eye Cream

Spa Products


Moéa™ Spa Care: Two super smoothing items from the Moéa™ Spa Care line. Talk about pampering yourself, I just adore these products! I'll start with the Moéa™ Sugar Scrub. Want to exfoliate that icky dry, flaky skin and reveal glowing, smooth skin? Look no further. This luxurious body scrub combines mood-enhancing Tahitian Vanilla with the polishing powers of sugar cane to create the ultimate island spa experience. Soft glorious skin! Well worth the price of $33! My second favorite from this exquisite spa line is the Moéa™ Body Soufflé. If you have skin that just doesn’t hold moisture well like mine, Moéa™ Body Soufflé is for you. Talk about heavenly! This moisturizer provides your skin with spa level hydration and nourishing protection from outside toxins. All with a glorious aromatherapy fragrance. One of the ingredients is Cocoa Seed Butter, which reduces dryness and improve skin elasticity and who doesn't need that? Another great ingredient is Macadamia Oil, an exceptionally good emollient for skin. The scent is absolutely glorious! Comes in a nice big tube for $33. Gotta have it!  Spa Care


Exotic Scented Candles: I have just discovered these absolutely yummy candles. These are the strongest scented candles I have ever burned! Over 100 true-to-life scents to choose from, including my favorites, Sweet Orange Chili Pepper, Tequila Sunrise, Sex on the Beach, Pumpkin Spice, Creme Brulee and Dark Chocolate Supreme just to name a few. In my opinion, these candles are the best performing and cleanest burning scented candles in the world! Made from soy, vegetables and other natural materials so that they burn practically soot free. Plus, if you spill your candle, you can clean it up with hot soapy water. You have got to experience these candles!  Yummy Candles

Hand Lotions


Mary Kay - Satin Hands Pampering Set: This is my all time favorite product for silky soft hands! At $28, this is the best hand softener out there. This kit will last you quite a while,
so it is worth the price.  Soft Hands

Avon Silicone Glove: This stuff is great for everyday wear. Shields your hands from the drying effects of daily living, i.e. washing dishes, yard work, washing clothes. This super duper hand cream from Avon has an extra boost of glycerin and silicone. Stays on even after washing! A must have for waitresses, gardeners, and anyone who is constantly washing their hands! At the mere price of 3 bucks, what have you got to lose besides those rough, dry hands!  Soft Hands



Philosophy - Falling in Love: Falling in Love is the most amazing perfume ever! A little like cotton candy at first, this top note fades within an hour and the warmer, cozier side of this fragrance begins to emerge, leaving you with a subtle and sexy scent that is hard to define. I get so many compliments when I wear Philosopy Falling in Love! Treat yourself or a friend to this glorious fragrance!  Soft Hands

wish of happiness; Feel the joy of crisp citrus and bold blossoms. This is a bright sunny scent that can't be beat! At $16.50 for the Eau de Toilette Spray, you can't go wrong. You can even get this wonderful scent in the shower gel and the body lotion.  Top Pick


This is just the begining, many more great beauty reviews to come! Please come back soon to check them out!


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