List of Major League Baseball Catchers

Complete Baseball Catcher Index (1871-2010)
Johnny Oates to Henry Oxley
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Oates, Johnny
O'Berry, Mike
O'Brien, Charlie
O'Brien, Dink
O'Brien, Mickey
O'Brien, George
O'Brien, Jack
Ock, Whitey
O'Connell, John
O'Connor, Johnny
O'Connor, Jack
O'Connor, Paddy
O'Dea, Ken
O'Donnell, unk
O'Donnell, Harry
O'Donnell, John
O'Farrell, Bob
Ogrodowski, Bruce
O'Halloran, Greg
Ojeda, Miguel
Okrie, Len
Oldfield, Dave
Oldis, Bob
Oliver, Gene
Oliver, Joe
Oliveras, Luis
Olivo, Miguel
Olson, Greg
O'Meara, Tom
O'Neil, Mickey
O'Neill, Harry
O'Neill, John
O'Neill, Jack
O'Neill, Peaches
O'Neill, Steve
Onis, Ralph
Onslow, Jack
Orndorff, Jess
O'Rourke, Jim
O'Rourke, Tom
Orsino, John
Ortiz, Hector
Ortiz, Junior
Orton, John
Osik, Keith
Ostdiek, Harry
Osterhout, Charlie
Ott, Ed
Otten, Joe
Ouellette, Phil
Outen, Chink
Owen, Mickey
Owen, Larry
Owens, Frank
Owens, Jack
Owens, Jayhawk
Oxley, Henry
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