List of Major League Baseball Catchers

Complete Baseball Catcher Index (1871-2010)
Lou Nagelsen to Les Nunamaker
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Nagelsen, Lou
Nagle, Tom
Nahorodny, Bill
Napoli, Mike
Naragon, Hal
Narron, Jerry
Narron, Sam
Natal, Bob
Naton, Pete
Nava, Sandy
Navarro, Dioner
Needham, Tom
Neeman, Cal
Nelson, Candy
Nelson, Jamie
Newman, Jeff
Niarhos, Gus
Nichols, Art
Nichols, Carl
Nicholson, Parson
Nickeas, Mike
Nicosia, Steve
Niebergall, Charlie
Nieto, Tom
Nieves, Wil
Nilsson, Dave
Nixon, Russ
Noble, Ray
Noftsker, George
Nokes, Matt
Nolan, Joe
Noonan, Pete
Novotney, Rube
Nunamaker, Les
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Players shown in BLUE are NOT career catchers, but caught at least 1 game in their career

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