1964 D100 Custom Sports Special

This truck was submitted Ken Haberman of Canada in October 2004. this is a 318 truck that is in good solid shape. Ken plans to do a full resto on it very soon. i look forward to seeing his progress.


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Update - 9-2004
I am driving the truck daily now until the snow flies,the I will put it away.Drives like new still.Shifts hard and will even get 2nd gear chirp when accelerating.I love the old truck!
By the way,It was sold new in Lancaster California in November 1963.I read in the Dodge truck history book that the CSS wasn't available until spring 64.Mine could be a real early production test model maybe.Hard to say.I still have the owners manual and warranty booklet with the original owners name etc.
Enjoy the pictures and keep up the great website.Later,Ken

Ken - Thanks for the update and the fresh photos. I am inclined to agree that this is a very early VIN as far as CSS trucks go. at this point it is second to the Steve Adams truck which is the earliest CSS VIN on record. are these the original Palomino trucks? anyone's guess... Ben

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