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Isaac, Rhys The Transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790 1999 - Soft Cover Used
Jefferson, Thomas; Shuffleton, Frank; Shuffelton, Frank Notes on the State of Virginia 1998 - Soft Cover New & Used
Jenkins, Myra Ellen A Brief History of New Mexico 1974 - Soft Cover New
Jensen, Joan M. and Miller, Darlis A. New Mexico Women: Intercultural Perspectives 1986 - Soft Cover Used
Jent, Steven A. A Browser's Book of Texas Quotations 2001 - Soft Cover New
Joan Upton Hall; Stacey Hasbrook Playing for Keeps: Texas Theaters That Won't Quit 2002 - Soft Cover New
Jo-Ella Powell Exley; Jo E. Exley Texas Tears and Texas Sunshine: Voices of Frontier Women 1990 - Soft Cover New
John, Bob Texas Sportswriters : The Wild and Wacky Years 2001 - Soft Cover New
Jones, Terry L. Lee's Tigers: The Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia 2002 - Soft Cover New
Karen Gerhardt; Rod, III Santa Ana Hidalgo County, Texas 2000 - Soft Cover New
Keleher, William A. Fabulous Frontier Hard Cover Used
Kelly, James C.; Rasmussen, William M.S.; Virginia Historical Society The Virginia Landscape : A Cultural History 2000 - Hard Cover New
Kirgo, Julie New Mexico: A Portrait of the Land & Its People 1989 - Hard Cover Used
Knowles, Thomas W. They Rode for the Lone Star : The Saga of the Texas Rangers the Birth of Texas-The Civil War (175 ANNIV) 1999 - Hard Cover New
Laabs, James The Wisconsin Dells : A Completely Unauthorized Guide (1st Edition) 1999 - Soft Cover New
Lewis, Tom Storied New Mexico: An Annotated Bibliography of Novels with New Mexico Settings 1991 - Hard Cover Used
Lindgren, James M. Preserving the Old Dominion: Historic Preservation and Virginia Traditionalism 1993 - Hard Cover New
Loew, Patty Indian Nations of Wisconsin : Histories of Endurance and Renewal 2001 - Soft Cover New
Logan, Fay L. Georgianna : A Virginia Family Saga 2001 - Hard Cover New
Logghe, Joan Another Desert: Jewish Poetry of New Mexico 1998 - Soft Cover New
Malone, Bobbie and Gray, Jefferson J. Working With Water : Wisconsin Waterways 2001 - Soft Cover New
Malone, Hank New Mexico Haiku 1996 - Soft Cover Used
Man, James H. Greenbelt : A Nostalgic Return to a Texas Childhood 2001 - Hard Cover New
March, Richard March and Cook, Marshall Wisconsin Folklife: A Celebration of Wisconsin Traditions 1998 - Soft Cover New
Marsh, Carole Let's Discover Wisconsin 2000 - Hard Cover New
Marsh, Carole Virginia: The Virginia Experience 2000 - Soft Cover New
Marsh, Carole Wisconsin: My First Pocket Guide 2001 - Soft Cover New
Martana; Hagman, Larry Texas Men : Big Guns, Rising Stars & Cowboys 2000 - Hard Cover New
Martin, Craig Enchanted Waters: A Guide to New Mexico's Hot Springs 1998 - Soft Cover New
Maxwell, William Earl; Crain, Ernest; Davis, Edwin S.; Flores, Elizabeth N.; Ingnagni, Joseph; Opheim, Cynthia; Wlezien, Christopher Texas Politics Today Edition: 9th 1999 - Soft Cover New & Used
Mays, Buddy Ancient cities of the Southwest :a practical guide to the major prehistoric ruins of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado 1982 - Soft Cover Used
McAuliffe, Bill; Bearss, Sara B. Virginia : Facts and Symbols 1999 - Hard Cover New
McAuliffe, Emily Wisconsin Facts & Symbols 1999 - Hard Cover Used
McBride, Sarah Davis History Just Ahead : A Guide to Wisconsin's Historical Markers 1999 - Soft Cover New
McCary, B.C. Indians in Seventeenth Century Virginia 1980 - Soft Cover New
Mead, Howard and Dean, Jill and Smith, Susan Portrait of the Past : A Photographic Journey Through Wisconsin 1865-1920 1998 - Soft Cover New
Meed, Douglas V. The Fighting Texas Navy : 1832-1843 2001 - Soft Cover New
Meinzer, Wyman; Rathjen, Frederick W. Canyons of the Texas High Plains 2001 - Hard Cover New
Melzer, Richard Coming of Age in the Great Depression: The Civilian Conservation Corps in New Mexico 2000 - Hard Cover New
Metzger, Stephen New Mexico Handbook 1994 - Soft Cover Used
Miller, Char; Sanders, Heywod T. Urban Texas Edition: 1st 1990 - Soft Cover New
Montejano, David Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836-1986 1987 - Soft Cover New & Used
Moon, Vicky The Middleburg Mystique : A Peek Inside the Gates of Middleburg, Virginia 2001 - Hard Cover New
Morris, John Miller El Llano Estacado: Exploration and Imagination on the High Plains of Texas and New Mexico, 1536-1860 1997 - Hard Cover New
Motoviloff, John Driftless Stories: Outdoors in Southwest Wisconsin 2001 - Soft Cover New
Mullins, Denvil Cornfields of Coaley Creek: Tales from Southwest Virginia 1994 - Soft Cover New
Munro, Roxie The Inside-Outside Book of Texas 2001 - Hard Cover New
Murphy, Dan New Mexico: The Distant Land-An Illustrated History 1985 - Hard Cover Used
Myrick, David F. New Mexico's Railroads: A Historical Survey 1990 - Soft Cover Used
n/a 100 Years of Filmmaking in New Mexico 1898-1998 1999 - Hard Cover New
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