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Business Books on eBay!

1. Robert G. Allen  Creating Wealth
Simon & Schuster The book in very good condition, DJ fair. Illustrated. Hard Cover, ISBN: 0671442813.

2. Alice Amsden  H. The Economics of Women and Work
Penguin Books, England, 1980, 409 pp., pages brownish. Fair, 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall, Soft Cover.

3. Curtis M. Arnold and Dan Rahfeldt  Timing the Market: How to Profit in Bull and Bear Markets with Technical Analysis
1986, 200 pp., illustrated. Fair, Soft Cover, ISBN: 0917253965

4. Scott Bilker  Credit Card and Debt Management: A Step-By-Step How-To-Guide for Organizing Debts and Saving Money on Interest Payments  Press One Pub., 1966, 140 pp., Soft Cover, ISBN: 0964840197

5. Dr. Friedrich Böhm Versicherungsmathemtik II
Walter de Gruyter & Co, Berlin, 1953, Part 2, Life Insurance Mathematic. 205 pp. in German language. Fair, 16mo - over 5¾ - 6¾" tall, Hard Cover.

6. R. W. Clower  Monetary Theory Selected Readings
Penguin Books, England, 1969, 360 pp., price sticker on the cover. Poor/Fair, 12mo - over 6¾ - 7¾" tall, Soft Cover.

7. Armando Cordova ; Hector Silva Michelena Die wirtschaftliche Struktur Lateinamerikas
Suhrkamp, 1974, 129 pp., underlinings in text. In German language. Fair, Soft Cover

8. Dennis L. Demey  25 Essential Lessons for Employee Management
Facts on Demand Press, 2001, 360 pp., New, Soft Cover, ISBN: 1889150258

9. Andreas Drosdek  Hagakure für Führungskräfte - Der Weg des Samurai  Ueberreuter Wirtschaftsverlag, 2000, 210 pp. in German language. As New, Hard Cover.

10. Nancy Flynn  The $100,000 Writer  How to Make a Six Figure Income as a Freelance Business Writer, Adams Media Corporation , 2000, 224 pp., New, Soft Cover, ISBN: 1580622658.

11. Anthony Gallea   The lump sum advisor  New York Institute of Finance, 1999, 324 pp., As New, Hard Cover, ISBN: 0735200734

12. David Gardner   The Motley Fool investment guide  Simon & Schuster, 1997, 297 pp., Soft Cover, ISBN: 0684827034

13. Randy Gardner   101 tax saving ideas  Wealth Builders Press, 1999, 304 pp., Soft Cover, ISBN: 0963973436

14. Thomas S. Gray   Teach Yourself Investing Online  Hungry Minds, 1999, 400 pp., As New, Soft Cover, ISBN: 0764533932

15. Dietmar Gottschall   Management optimal. Die Psychodynamik erfolgreicher Unternehmensführung  Ullstein, 1992, 332 pp. in German language. As New, Soft Cover.

16. Dietmar Haerthe  Handbuch für die Wirtschaft  Economica, 1995, Economic information on European countries, 489 pp in German language. Good, Soft Cover.

17. Klau Schmidt Hebbel  The Economics of Saving and Growth: Theory, Evidence, and Implications for Policy  Cambridge University Press, 1999, 235 pp, Hard Cover, ISBN: 0521632951.

18. Barbara Hetzer  Smart guide to 401 k s and IRAs  Smart guide to 401 ks and IRAs, 1999, 220 pp., Fair, Soft Cover, ISBN: 0471353612

19. Napoleon Hill  Think & Grow Rich   First Ballantine Books, 1990, 253 pp., Previous owner's writing on one page. Fair, 12mo - over 6¾ - 7¾" tall, Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 449214923

20. R. Glenn Hubbard  Assessing the Effectiveness of Saving Incentives   American Enterprise Institute Press, 1996, 44 pp., Soft Cover, ISBN: 084477071x

21. Anni Huhtala Is Environmental Guilt a Driving Force? An Economic Study on Recycling  Finland, 1995, 125 pp. Very Good, ISBN: 9516344232

22. Inter-American Development Bank Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America in the 1990s  1996, 149 pp. with many tables and figures. Very Good, Soft Cover, ISBN: 8488607202

23. Ryan Jones  The trading game : playing by the numbers to make millions  John Wiley & Sons, 1999, 240 pp., Fair, ISBN: 0471316989

24. Richard B. Loth  Select winning stocks using financial statements  Dearborn Financial Publishing, 1999, 240 pp., As New, ISBN: 0793131529

25. Steve Mandel  Effective Presentation Skills  Crisp Publications, 1987, A Practical Guide for Better Speaking. 59 pp., trace of a sticker on front cover otherwise very good. Soft Cover, ISBN: 0931961246

26. Malcolm H. B. McDonald   Marketing Plans: How to Prepare them: How to Use Them  Heinemann, 1989, 337 pp., yellow underlinings, the first page (a blank page) has a corner off. Poor/Fair, 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall, Soft Cover

27. John B. Miner   The 4 Routes to Entrepreneurial Success  Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 1996, 216 pp., New, Soft Cover, ISBN: 1881052826

28. National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association Hidden Power - Color and How to Use it  National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association, 1960, First Edition Sales Training Program, 64 pp. with many illustrations. Good, 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall, Hard Cover.

29. David Newton  How to be a small-cap investor  McGraw-Hill Companies, 1999, 186 pp., Good, Soft Cover, ISBN: 0070471835

30. Juhani Palojaervi  Decision-Making of SME Entrepreneur - A Psycho-Social Perspective  Finland, 2000, 365 pp. Very Good, ISBN: 9516347207

31. Claire Raines  Visual Aids in Business  Crisp Publications, 1989, A Guide for Effective Presentations. 74 pp., trace of a sticker on front cover otherwise very good. Soft Cover, ISBN: 0931961777

32. Gregg A. Ramsay   The 100 Best Businesses for the 21st Century  Williams Hill Publishing, 1999, 211 pp., New, Soft Cover, ISBN: 0965250237

33. Anandarup Ray   Cost-Benefit Analysis Issues and Methodologies  Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore & London, 1984, 158 pp. Good, Soft Cover.

34. Larry Roth   The Best of Living Cheap News: Practical Advice on Saving Money and Living Well  Contemporary Books Inc, England, 1996, 244 pp., Soft Cover, ISBN: 0809231883.

35. T. G. Rowan   Managing with Computers  Pan Books, London, 1982, 299 pp., a tiny piece of the front cover has been removed by a sticker otherwise Good, 12mo - over 6¾ - 7¾" tall, Soft Cover.

36. David E. Rye   1,001 Ways to Inspire Your Organization, Your Team and Yourself  Pan Career Press, 1988, 272 pp., New, Soft Cover, ISBN: 1564143481.

37. Jeffrey L. Seglin   Banker's Handbook of Letters and Letter Writing  Probus Publishing Co., 1992, Hard Cover, ISBN: 155738326x

38. Dana Shilling   Earning, saving, investing, enjoying :a realistic guide to managing your money  Arbor House, 1988, Hard Cover, ISBN: 1557100047

39. Peter J. Tanous  The wealth equation  Prentice Hall Press, 1999, 320 pp., As New,  Hard Cover, ISBN: 0735200688

40. Tom Terez  22 Keys to Creating a Meaningful Workplace  Adams Media Corporation, 2000, 288 pp., New,  Hard Cover, ISBN: 1580622666

41. Brian C. Twiss  Managing Technological Innovation  Longman, 1993, 309 pp. Fair, Soft Cover, ISBN: 0273037951

42. Hans Waschkowsky  Prognose von Aktienkursen  Fritz Knapp Verlag, Frankfurt, 1971, 220 pp. in German language. Fair, 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall, Soft Cover, Ex-Library.

43. David C. Wilson  A Strategy of Change  Routledge, 1992, Concepts and Controversies in the Management of Change. 147 pp. Good, 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall, Soft Cover, ISBN: 0415053269

44. Stephanie Winston  The Organized Executive: New Ways to Manage Time, Paper, People & the Electronic Office  W. W. Norton & Co., 1994, 383 pp., DJ. Very Good, Hard Cover, ISBN: 0393035670

45. Jon Woronoff  The "No-Nonsense" Guide to Doing Business in Japan  Palgrave, 2001, 179 pp., New, Hard Cover, ISBN: 0333804376

46. Angie Zalewski  Cheap Talk with the Frugal Friends: Over 200 Tips, Tricks, and Creative Ideas for Saving Money  Starburst Publishers, 2001, Soft Cover, ISBN: 1892016583

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