Alien Pets:



How do you know if a pet is an alien pet or a pet of a human? Well this is a very difficult question. Alien Sightings has scoured the universe as we know it for answers. Hopefully, this chart will help you come to the appropriate conclusions. We at Alien Sightings feel the facts are indisputable!

Alien Pets

Human Pets

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Visual Inspection Undeniable rodent qualities, shifty eyes, lack of fur or hair, may contain some bald spots from radiation heat, body shakes, severe nervousness, not canine in nature. Undeniable pet like qualities, cute, canine tendencies, tails wag, playful character, ample fur, definitely dogs.
Favorite Pastimes Being near blondes named Joni Playing Ball, Playing Ball, Playing Ball
Favorite Foods Pup-eroni and Tacos Duck and Potato (dog food), Pizza Crust, Dog Bones, Garbage
Language / Vocabulary Speaks Fluent Spanish, Vocabulary unknown: We don't speak fluent Spanish Normal Dogesse: Bark, Woof, Pet Me, & Throw the Ball!
Y2K Preperations None. This dog knows that if Y2K creates havoc he can just leave the planet and catch a good meal somewhere else. Gingerly took time to store away some food each day in the vault, otherwise known as the couch in the den.

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Other Alien Pets:

Our scoop photographers at Alien Sightings capurted these photos that provide undeniable evidence that Aliens do have pets on earth.
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