Alien Lincoln


February 1999, Portsmouth, NH


President's Day . . . Located on State Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a tribute to the President's of the United States of America was underway. A speaker came forward, whose appearance was hauntingly similar to Abraham Lincoln. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures. Lo and behold, you can't fool the camera lens, this President is really Alien Lincoln.


lincoln1.jpg (35692 bytes)              lincoln2.jpg (23809 bytes)             lincoln3.jpg (23594 bytes)             lincoln4.jpg (36788 bytes)

Notice the shock in the Alien's face as he realizes this new photographic technology that will ultimately uncover his true identity. He tries to counter by forcing the camera out of focus. However, our digital technologies in the film lab give us the ability to bring these pictures back to a recognizable format. Alien Sightings was present and able to capture this imposters true identity.


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