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15 Ounce Mugs - Back and Front Views- $5.00 Each


100% Cotton Navy Blue Baseball Cap

Adjustable Cloth Strap with Metal Buckle

2nd Corps, 3rd Division Trefoil w/14th C. V.

$20.00 Each


T-Shirt Back Detail

99% Cotton PreShrunk,1% Polyester, Gildan® Activewear Heavyweight T-Shirt

Available In The Following Sizes: Men's Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large & 2X Large

Color: Ash - $12.00 Each


3" Round Interior Window Decal - $1.00 Each


The Book Listed Below Was Reprinted From An Original Copy By One Of Our Members And Needs To Be Ordered Directly From Him

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Souvenir of Excursion To Battlefields by the Society of the Fourteenth Connecticut Regiment and Reunion at Antietam September 1891; with History and reminiscences of battles and Campaigns of the Regiment on the Fields revisited

This book is a limited edition hardcover facsimile of H. S. Stevens’ Souvenir of the 14th C. V. Excursion to Battlefields and Reunion at Antietam September 1891 has been reproduced by Company G, Fourteenth Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865 Inc. to preserve the heroic deeds and sacrifices of the 14th Connecticut Volunteers during their three years service in the American Civil War and to make their story available to future generations. This reprint is limited to 275 hand numbered copies.

In 1891 the Society of the Fourteenth Connecticut Regiment set out for a reunion at the Gettysburg and Antietam Battlefields. During this excursion Chaplain Henry S. Stevens was asked to explain what happened to the 14th on these battlefields and he decided to put it all into a book for the excursionists. This Souvenir book published in 1893 was the precursor to the 14th C. V. I.’s Regimental History published in 1906. Below is the introduction from this Souvenir book written by Chaplain Stevens:

"Only the insistence of comrades whose requests for service I can never decline to comply with could have induced me to undertake the preparation of this volume. It is designed, as believed to be desirable, not only as a souvenir of the trip itself, but to give our guest excursionists explanations and descriptions it was impossible to give them during the trip and to give the comrades historical and reminiscent data and views of places made memorable to them long ago. Should such data not be given now they may never be given.

While the narrative and reminiscent style of writing necessary causes a different treatment of the matter from the historical style I have endeavored to verify things stated from either personal knowledge, statements of reliable persons or official reports.

In such a work it is neither feasible nor proper that full casualty lists at battles be given nor full mention made of individuals deserving mention.

About securing views of some points desired, especially of our old camp at Falmouth, I have been disappointed, and some views taken necessarily when nature would “weep” have not the clearness wished for; evoking the confession often necessary heretofore, that with my most thoughtful and strenuous endeavor I cannot achieve all I long to I n my work for the regiment.

With unabated affection for the old comrades of the Fourteenth and their friends I submit my work. If it shall please and profit them at all I shall feel recomposed for the care and effort it has caused me.

H. S. Stevens"

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(Photographs are the same as the ones in the Regimental History)

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By Charles D. Page, Meriden, Conn. 1906.
509 pages, illustrated.
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