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Theft Of Your Money!

Why Protect
Wall Street Thievery?

          During Economic Prosperity Thieves Sell Untold Bogus Receipts. Why Do Corporations Allow Thieves To Control Their Securities?

Yes, You Too Are Being Robbed!
Deliberate Economic Squeezes & Bankruptcies Eliminate Thieves' Debts.


          The scam is rather simple: the sale of bogus counterfeit receipts to naive citizenry while illegally manipulating prices below the natural balance of public supply and demand. Thus, lowering price below the value established by a variety of factors entices a continual supply of "suckers" buying bogus counterfeit receipts run off on printing presses by the market operators. Eventually, engineered economic squeezes impact everyone.   Meanwhile, assets represented by the bogus paper must be severely damaged and perhaps maliciously bankrupted to artificially destroy the value of both the legitimate and bogus "watered" receipts to complete the vile robbery of their myriad victims.   Note: the thieves get your money up front and distribute it to their confederates via secret omnibus accounts (see U.S. Congressional Reports); then the destruction may be delayed until years later but it surely comes. The thieves are not about to buy back the bogus counterfeit receipts ... at least not at higher prices!

          Conversely, the prices of certain legitimate receipts are artificially raised above the value determined by public supply and demand to give those entities, their owners, etc. special unwarranted advantages over others. Yes, problems are created for some while others are free to do as they please, are given fat government contracts, plenty of operating capital, etc.

          Oh, the "fun and games" take on a variety of wrinkles and twists depending on specific situations and the positions of the vile thieves' agents ... many of whom are on the public payrolls. Yes, many agents serving the thieves are in the employ of Government being paid as public servants but, in reality, are agents serving despicable people. Many agents, of course, don't even realize who they truly serve but simply do the bidding of their bosses to keep their jobs, get promotions, raises, etc. Often even their immediate bosses don't realize what's going on but simply follow orders from higher echelons as dictates flow downhill. The laws are meaningless as the thieves and their agents are protected. Fantastic, you bet!


          Modern scams involve: Securities representing ownership, Bonds representing loans, Partnership Shares representing profit sharing, Commodities representing articles of commerce, Bullion representing precious metals, etc.

          In ancient times merchant thieves even operated in the Temples selling receipts representing a variety of offerings (See the Talmud; Josephus' writings; Deuteronomy 14:22-27; Matthew 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-18; Luke 19:45-46; John 2:13-16; Malachi 3:8-10). People would then take their receipts and exchange them for food and drink at the boiling courts (restaurants) in the Temple amphitheatre.   However, few were aware that the same offerings were being sold over and over and over as the thieves pocketed the lion's share, gave the high priest a cut, and the Temple Treasury got only a fraction of what was due. Thus, the Temples were dens of thieves just as are today's Wall Streets of this world.


          Awake, people are being robbed blind!   When the thieves are ready; retirement funds and investment plans are depleted, jobs are lost, lost seniority, economic turmoil, lost homes, "nest eggs" are wiped out, deliberately manipulated bankruptcies, artificially depressed prices, even instigated and propagated wars -- bankers' wars (they destroy with armies, bombs, shells, etc. WWII, for example, shed the blood of 50 million naive victims to irradicate bogus counterfeit receipts. The Iraqi, Kuwaiti, U.S.A. war is a more recent example).

          People have dwelt in poverty while others have lived "high off the hog" as generations after generations have been robbed just as foretold in the Scriptures (Isaiah 42:22-24; 10:5,13-14; 17:12-14; Psalm 106:40-42; Daniel 7:7; 11:14; etc.).

          Oh, yes, more burdensome laws, unreal requirements, crooked judges, crooked lawyers, stealing corporate secrets and patented products, etc., etc. prevail today.

          In addition to the vast sales of bogus receipts the thieves' games involve: falsifying reported data, a computer generated Dow Jones Industrial Average, transferring blame and liability, protecting wrongdoers, putting victims in prisons, murders, payola, and you name it. It's sad but the octopus' tentacles even stretch throughout this nation and around the world as corrupt brokerage houses pedal both legitimate and bogus counterfeit receipts to the naive citizenry with impunity.

          Yes, the Executive Branch, the U.S. Congress, the Judiciary espec. bankruptcy courts, the Justice Dept., the Treasury Dept., the Securities And Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI, even the Defense Dept. ... all work for, service, and protect those stealing your wealth, your money, destroying your corporations (the ones owned by the people).

          Meanwhile, corporations owned by the thieves are aided and protected. The Scriptures speak of events as the sins of: Judah (Jeremiah 17:1-27; Zechariah 5:4; Habakkuk 2:1-17), Damascus (Isaiah 17:1-14), Tyre (Isaiah 23:1-18), the ancient nation (Jeremiah 5:15-17), the little horn (Daniel 7:8,11,20-24; 8:9), and other names.


  1. Elementary logic dictates that an entity would have to have an endless supply of legitimate receipts to always sell at lower prices while purportedly insuring a steady flow, smoothing out price changes, etc. Conversely, to always buy at higher prices to insure the reverse ... that entity would have to have an endless supply of money.   Neither is true when it comes to the larcenous operations of national markets throughout the world.   THUS, THE TRUE OPERATIONS OF THESE MARKETS ARE FOUNDED ON SELLING BOGUS COUNTERFEIT RECEIPTS, FRAUD, DECEIT, LARCENY, ILLEGAL PRICE MANIPULATION, FALSIFIED REPORTS, PROTECTION OF THE THIEVES, ETC. ... and all such swindlesome activities are on behalf of International Organized Crime.

              After completion of this page and examining the associated hyperlinks, don't miss the key hyperlink at the end of the brief Summary of Scam #2.   That is, at that time Market Operations might be examined for a further explanation of corrupted mechanisms of the market operations.   Everyone, including every investor and all corporate management, should know and understand what's going on.

  2. When the New York Stock Exchange first got their initial computerized system on line in 1964 ... their programmers did a very poor job of concealing the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average, for example, was artificially generated. And for the eleven years (1964-1974) a LINEAR plot of the DJIA, shows specific points conforming quite precisely with the computer program's dictates. Amazing!

Diagram of Dow Jones which shows obvious market malipulations

Diagram Of DJIA (1964 thru 1974)
(A Linear Plot)

click here for explanation

  1. Then there are the falsified short sales figures published monthly. A little research in the 1970's revealed that in issues more heavily short sold, reported short sales totaled to an artificial figure determined by multiplying the monthly total by a factor (a constant) that remained unchanged for ten consecutive months and for several subsequent spot checks. In addition, the total of all reported short selling in other issues always added up to the same total. Thus, there could be no mistaking that the publicly reported data has been severely falsified, manipulated with the exchange's computer, to help conceal the scam and the extensive selling of bogus counterfeit receipts.

  2. In 1974 a U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations, within the U.S. Senate Committee On Government Operations, responded to an extensive list of conclusions provided to the Nixon White House and to every U.S. Senator. The Senate Subcommittee's 1974 response was quite interesting.   Copy Of: US Senate Subcommittee Letter Dated 30 January 1974.

              Nevertheless, the criminal operations continue unabated; and, the Securities And Exchange Commission still continues as watchdog for the thieves NOT for the citizens, investors, and their corporations.


          Price manipulation up or down is child's play for those given illegal license to ignore the laws, to sell bogus counterfeit receipts, to steal vast sums from the citizens, their invested wealth, and their corporations ... all while protected by agents on Government payrolls.

          For example, only 800 simple transactions could dump price $100 per share regardless of predominant public buying. The same results are achieved with any combination of zero, 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 point moves.

          The following examples demonstrate the simplicity of the protected market operators' (specialists) abilities to manipulate price:

Market operator may move price contrary to public buying or selling

          Conversely, the opposite is also true. Price can be easily moved up when receipts are largely owned by the Market Operators and their confederates ... even in the face of predominant public selling.


          The whole game is very similar to that of ancient times when people tithed via offerings to thieves in the Temples. The thieves took it all and GOD got little or nothing. Oh, the high priest and a few others got a cut of the swag too; otherwise the thieves would have been run off.

          Yet, the people did not object or were ignored since government (the throne room was above the Holy of Holies) and the priesthood were protectors of the vile thieves. So, history reveals that eventually GOD destroyed each of the corrupted Temples and the people had been cast into this unrighteous world, "the land of the North," until these end times. And the thieves are still being protected by governments and the priesthood as the Religious Beast and flocks still refuse to help the LORD and oppose the mighty (Psalm 94:16; Judges 5:23; Ecclesiastes 10:4-5; Deuteronomy 20:1-4).

          Click here for a further explanation of corrupted mechanisms of Market Operations.   Everyone, including every investor and all corporate management, should know and understand what's going on.

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