Humanity's Sojourn
Culminates With Special Events

        Humanity's Sojourn Through History Now Progresses Through The Final 42 Year-Hour Where A Great Restoration Is To Evolve.   Even The Preserved Remains (The Inner Temple) Of Each Of Three Temples May Readily Be Reentered And GOD'S Holy Arks Will Be Brought Forth.

        When People Dwell Without The Glory Of GOD, People Reside In Darkness.   Yes, Ever Since Jeremiah Hid GOD'S Holy Ark, When King Nebuchadnezzar Came Against Jerusalem, Wickedness Has Prevailed.   And People Have Continued To Exist Without The Glory Of GOD While Suffering The Consequences.

        However, In These End Times The Two Holy Arks Still Await In Their Hiding Places.   When Brought Forth, The Glory Of GOD should Be Restored And A Whole Host Of Events Are To Materialize.   This Even Includes The Restoration Of Health And Well-being For Many.

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Where Yesteryear's Treasures Arise

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Temple Of People
The Temples Of Stone

Main Altar
PreExilic Jerusalem (Jebus)

Mini Slide Shows
(About 14 slides each)



Part A:   What Was, What Is, What Is To Come:   Provides an amazing view of how this world has been put together, the powers involved, the roles each has been playing, and where humanity goes from here.


Part B:   Why The Firstfruits Are Only A Little Flock:   Explains why only a Little Flock, a Remnant, compose The Firstfruits while the Main Harvest must wait 1,000 years before joining The Firstfruits as a lower caste.


Part C:  A Look At The Firstfruits:   Scriptural references provide a rather unique picture of The Firstfruits and the stupendous blessings and honors to come upon this "… very small remnant" (Isaiah 1:9).


Part D:   Who Do You Stand With?:   A fantastic test of human responses.   People have a choice to stand with either good or evil.   Doing nothing, the faithless (James 2:14-26) choose to stand with evil; the Tares are their default package.


Part E:   The Escape Of The Firstfruits:   Describes GOD'S initial formation of His Eternal Kingdom, the Southland, under Jesus.   This promised Kingdom now begins with The Firstfruits as they escape from Satan's domain, the land of the North, during the reign of Satan's Seventh Kingdom.


Part F:   Building A Temple Of People:   Preparing to enter the Eternal Kingdom.


Part G:   Humanity's Progress, A Look At The Big Picture:   Humanity's technological progress:   past, present, and future.

SETTING THE SCENE FOR ONGOING EVENTS:   Provides an abbreviated view of how this world has been put together, the powers involved, and the roles each has been playing.   This brief narrative further explains Part A above.

WHY ONLY A LITTLE FLOCK?:   Link to brief narrative that further explains Part B above.

JUDAH'S PUNISHMENT:   Provides a more indepth view of prophecy evolving before our eyes as Biblical references describe matters now visible for those who wish to look.


Part I:   Scripture Explains Matters


Part II:   "Sins Of 'Judah' Continue"


Part III:  The Coming Blessings And Curses

THE BIBLICAL MEANING OF 11 SEPTEMBER 2001:   Schedules certain events during period beginning the sixth year (6006) after the Jubilee (6000) and continuing three years (6007-6009).   Events include:   laying the Temple foundation, arrival of Four Carpenters, start of special blessings, Glory of GOD may be seen, first of two Holy Arks brought forth, and elevation of Human Shepherd from afflictions.

GETTING ORIENTED IN THE HINNOM VALLEY (JERUSALEM):   Photos locating the location of the Temple built by King Solomon.

THE HIDDEN CITY:  The PreBabylonian Jerusalem.   Through history people have searched without success for this preExilic City of Jerusalem.   Included therein is the Castle wherein Saul, David, and Solomon dwelt and the preserved ruins of the historic Solomonic Temple.   This site explains details regarding the hiding place.

Select The Hidden City File:

REENTERING TEMPLE HISTORY - A:  A Major Step Into The Future.   Diagram Of Temple Complex:  The Temple superimposed on the Temple Amphitheatre;  Diagram Of Temple Locations.

REENTERING TEMPLE HISTORY - B:  Basic Points To Remember (15 Items including Supplementary Material).   Walks readers into the Solomonic Temple via the escape route used by King Zedekiah to the only unblocked hatch available for reentering the Solomonic Temple (See items 5 thru 9).   Readers may reenter the Solomonic Temple even before the literal reentry by initial investigators.

THE MAIN ALTAR BEFORE THE TEMPLE:  The Base Of The Main Altar. A glimpse at the Temple Altar is provided relative to myriad other altars built by ancients.   The Temple Altar is then placed in the midst of the court centered in the Temple Amphitheatre.   Note:  The Prophet John, when in vision on The LORD'S Day (Revelation 1:10), was instructed to measure the Temple, the Altar, and those that worship therein.   But, who has visited the Temple (built according to the basic design criteria) to worship therein?

MADABA MAP:  (Dated c. 562 AD):  Evidence that the traditional temple mount did not exist until initially heaped up by Byzantines between 617-637 AD.



African History Re: African Israelites
Solomonic Temple Treasures

AFRICAN HISTORY AND SOLOMONIC TEMPLE TREASURES:  The origin of African history, the injection of the Israelite lineage into Africa, and Solomonic Temple treasures taken to Africa.


The Flood
Noah's Ark In Arabia
Ancient Nuzi Map Identifies Edenic Valley
City Built By Cain




EVE (Edenic Valley Exploration)

EVE (EDENIC VALLEY EXPLORATION):  A proposal for an International Consortium (an association, partnership, and fellowship for a common venture) for the Edenic Valley Exploration (EVE) situated beneath the Red Sea.   This link leads viewers to the Index Page of this site.


Chanoch's Water Supply
Origins Of Subterranean Fresh Water Rivers

CHANOCH'S WATER SUPPLY:  People can't live without water.


GOD'S Holy Ark

Coming Soon:   HEBRON'S HERITAGE (a booklet presented in four files) describes Hebron, a city chosen by GOD, and our visit to the hiding place of His Holy Ark of the Covenant in the Hill of GOD (Psalm 68:14-17; 2:6; 3:4; 15-1).   This unique visit is also described in Song of Solomon 2:1 thru 3:11 et al.


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