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The Hidden City
The PreBabylonian Jerusalem


    1. Introductory Material

    2. The Hidden City (File 1 of 6) The PreBabylonian Jerusalem.
      • Archaeologists vent frustrations:  years of searching with zero results.   Brief history of Jebus.   Falsehoods will be exposed.   The three Temples include the Solomonic Temple West of the Hinnom.   Temple destruction.   The traditional Gihon exposed as never associated with the Solomonic Temple.   Diagram:  Life Of Solomon's Temple.   Consider the Temple water supply and the 185,000 deaths of Sennacherib's forces:  help define where things are located.   More lamentations by archaeologists.

    3. The Hidden City (File 2 of 6) Jebus And The Temples.
      • Uncovering Ancient Secrets:  Diagram of Temple Locations.   The castle or fortress of Jebus.   The three rivers.   Enrogel, the spring by Zoheleth.   The several Gihons.   Ophel and Millo explained.   Dwelling places of Israel about GOD'S Holy Ark with diagram.   Nehemiah's search in darkness.   Brief Postscript.

    4. The Hidden City (File 3 of 6) An Historic View Of Events.
      • Diagram:  The Overall Picture.   The Great Charade provides background for why the Solomonic Temple was destroyed and why it has remained hidden.   Diagram:  Orienting Events.

    5. The Hidden City (File 4 of 6) Measuring The Levitical City.
      • Layout of the Levitical City and how to locate the Altar before King Solomon's Temple.   Locating the Altar locates all features of the Levitical City.   Diagrams:  Counsel At Abel (keys for locating Altar).   Numerous other diagrams explain measures of the Levitical City.

    6. The Hidden City (File 5 of 6) Notes For Levitical City Measures.
      • Aspects of the Levitical City include explanations of a Qumran document describing measures of the housing units, gates, and streets which agree with previously cited descriptions and sources.   Numerous diagrams help explain measures.

    7. The Hidden City (File 6 of 6) Common Sense And The Design Of The Temple Amphitheatre.
      • This material pertains to the amphitheatre features only:  the design pattern, the locations of gates, the support columns, the chambers within the amphitheatre, the positioning of the Solomonic Temple, etc.   It should be of significant assistance in planning and undertaking excavation efforts.

    8. Uncovering PreExilic Jerusalem:  A Review And More.
      • Includes rather clear details as to where the historic castle of David is situated.   Finding it should be "a piece of cake!"   Diagram:  The Dung Gate (King Zedekiah's escape route).

    9. Reentering Temple History - 'A' and 'B' (Follow-On Texts).   Elaborate on the Temples, component parts, hidden hatches from water/sewer system, etc.   They walk readers into the Solomonic Temple's preserved inner Temple via the escape route used by King Zedekiah.

PreExilic Jerusalem Located
Castle Of David - Levitical City - Solomonic Temple

          The PreBabylonian Jerusalem has remained hidden for thousands of years; prominent archaeologists admit they haven’t found it.   Yet, Scripture and logic explain where it lays hidden.   It’s the ancient Jebus, an early Canaanite City, with an historic castle that subsequently became the majestic royal palace for the world’s most famous kings: Saul, David, Solomon, and the many that followed them.   It’s also the ancient site of the early Levitical City wherein the preserved Holy of Holies and other preserved inner recesses of the glorious Solomonic Temple await reentry.   A colossal find!   Even the abundant ancient records stored therein and the wealth of Temple treasures described in the intriguing Copper Scroll await recovery.   But GOD’S Holy Ark is not there as the Prophet Jeremiah hid it before King Nebuchadnezzar attacked the City (Jeremiah 43:8-10; II Maccabees 2:4-8).

          The PreExilic City is also the coveted site raided by marauding armies of ancient Egypt, Assyria, Persia, and Babylon.   And the new Jerusalem created when Jewry returned from Babylon is not atop this ancient City.

          Note again: People will soon unearth the remnants of Jebus, the great castle (fortress) of David, the Solomonic and other Temples.   Findings therein should provide substantial treasures and historical records concerning the Middle East, Egypt, Mesopotamia, ancient India, perhaps China, the Phoenicians, etc.   This discovery should also confirm the skeletal history of the ancient world and much more.

          For details see: “The Hidden City: The PreBabylonian Jerusalem”:

          Help reopen Solomon's Temple.   Feel free to link to this site and/or forward this email to your mailing lists and interested parties.

Events In Brief

Years Of A Vast City That Disappeared (PreExilic Jerusalem)

    1. The Flood Ended on the 27th day of the 2nd month in the year 1656 from Creation (2350 BC) (Genesis 8:14-19).

    2. Jebus, A Canaanite City, was founded during the 345 year interval between 1656 and 2000 FC (2350 and 2005 BC).

    3. Saul Anointed King.   Jebus (PreExilic Jerusalem) was now under Israelite dominion, 3021 FC (985 BC).

    4. Solomon Anointed King.   David's World Throne was given unto Solomon's children, 3095 FC (911 BC).   The Sixth Kingdom (Judah) was now established.

    5. Early Israel's Diaspora began as ten tribes went North with Jeroboam, 3135 FC (871 BC), and three tribes were displaced by Solomon's children.   Also, some Israelites had been taken captive by Africans, Assyrians, Philistines, Edomites, etc.

    6. Destruction And Covering Of PreExilic Jerusalem (Jebus) including the Solomonic Temple was now complete as King Nebuchadnezzar took the last of his captive Jews to Babylon, 3524 FC (481 BC).

    7. Jewry's 70 Year Babylonian Captivity, 3525 thru 3594 FC (481 to 411 BC Spring to Spring).   This captivity lasted unto Cyrus' conquest of Babylon.   But, upon Jewry's return from Babylon, the PreExilic City had disappeared.   So, a new city was founded East of the old.

    8. Now People Can Unearth And Reenter The Preserved Remains Of The Hidden City.   That is, ever since Nehemiah rebuilt his New Jerusalem atop ruins located East of ancient Jebus (the PreExilic Jerusalem), people have searched the region of Nehemiah's New Jerusalem in vain.   Evidence of the PreExilic City obviously was not there.   However, now that The LORD'S Day has arrived, the early PreExilic City with the ancient Solomonic Temple has been located.

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