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Resumé Of
Temple Location Material

          (1) "The Hidden City."


          Several files describe the Levitical City, the Castle of David, and the Solomonic Temple West of the Hinnom Valley.

          (2) Photographs of the Solomonic Temple area.


          These photographs, taken from the Traditional City wall, look Westward across the Hinnom Valley.   They show (on the extreme left) the bridge across the Hinnom Valley which was apparently originally part of the Southwest corner of the Post Exilic City wall.

          (3) "Locating The Temple" should answer many questions.


          Particularly note paragraphs subtitled:   "An Historic Error, A Deliberate Mistake" and "The Decision For Relocating The Temple Was Made In Solomon's Day."   The historic error will become obvious when people reenter the preserved inner Temple of the Solomonic Complex.   And the latter subsection highlights two important considerations:   (a) The pattern of the altars; and, (b) The need for accurate Temple design criteria which also should become obvious upon reentering the Solomonic site.

          (4) "Searching For GOD'S Holy Ark":


Part I:   The Stone Of Abel And The Altar Of Ebenezer


Part II:   Three Witnesses And The Pyramid Of Giza


Part III:  Beth Zur & Beit Sur


          These three texts explain a means for accurately locating the Altar before the Solomonic Temple.   Once the Altar has been uncovered the layout of the entire Levitical City can be accurately positioned.   It should be noted that this is an alternate means for locating the preserved remains of the altar before the inner Solomonic Temple.   The primary means for re-entry should be via the water-sewer tunnel used by Zedekiah in his temporary escape.   These waters today are being pumped into the city water supply from the Hinnom.

          (5) "Reentering Temple History-A":


          A Major Step Into The Future.   Diagram Of Temple Complex:  The Temple superimposed on the Temple Amphitheatre;  Diagram Of Temple Locations.


Part I:   The Buildings:  The Four Temples (Overview), The Supper Room, The Temple Components, The Preserved Remains (Includes a brief history of the phony mount).


Part II:   Matters Related To The Temples:  The Copper Scroll (Identifies caches of Solomonic Temple Wealth), Hatches To Temple Dungeon Chambers, Cautions For Treasure Hunters, The Holy Ark Of The Covenant (Not hidden in Solomonic Temple), Two End Times Temples, Robinson's Reports (Attest that the Solomonic Temple's water-sewer system was still flushing in 1838 AD), Catherwood's Map Reveals The Starting Point (For reentering Solomonic Temple).


Part III:  Similarities:  Siloam's Origin; Zadok, David, And Jesus (Three Temples: Three Tombs); The Intaglio; The Common Pattern; Don't You Agree?   (World's lack of concern; yet, the Temple will be built).

          (6) "Reentering Temple History-B":


          Basic Points To Remember (15 Items including Supplementary Material).   Walks readers into the Solomonic Temple via the escape route used by King Zedekiah to the only unblocked hatch available for reentering the Solomonic Temple (See items 5 thru 9).   Readers may reenter the Solomonic Temple even before the literal reentry by initial investigators.

          (7) "The Main Altar Before The Temple":


          The Base Of The Main Altar.   A glimpse at the Temple Altar is provided relative to myriad other altars built by ancients.   The Temple Altar is then placed in the midst of the court centered in the Temple Amphitheatre.   Note:   The Prophet John, when in vision on The LORD'S Day (Revelation 1:10), was instructed to measure the Temple, the Altar, and those that worship therein.   But, who has visited the Temple (built according to the basic design criteria) to worship therein?

          The Fourth Temple:   After the Exile, Nehemiah searched in darkness (i.e. blindness) as Nehemiah found no evidence of the Solomonic Temple (Nehemiah 2:12-16).   The post Exilic people never did touch anything of the Solomonic Temple nor the hidden treasures described in the Copper Scroll.   In fact, the Copper Scroll was not found until 1948 AD and even today few people understand what it is all about.   King Sennacherib and later King Nebuchadnezzar completely encased in earth the remains of the Solomonic Temple, the Levitical City, the walls, and the Castle of David (all West of the Hinnom).   Nehemiah found nothing except only ruins well to the East which included David's Tomb (not the traditional Tomb).   Those ruins formed the basis for construction of the Second Temple.   Later, Herod built the Third Temple.   This has been rather extensively detailed in "The Hidden City."   Also, check the ancient wall remnants vs. the Temple and City measures.   The locations are plain.

          Today the disobedient people wear blinders so they can't see the very obvious (Isaiah 25:7-8; 44:18).   For example, Revelation 11:1-2,19 speaks of measuring the altar, the Temple, and the people but to leave out the outer court.   The outer court is a three-tiered amphitheatre, the seating for the people.   Why not measure it?   When people reenter the Solomonic Temple's preserved remnants answers should become obvious.

          The Fourth Temple site should be established by the pattern defined by the altars before the three previous Temples.   File 2 of "The Hidden City" provides a diagram titled "Temple Locations" depicting the locations of the altars before the three ancient Temples.

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