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Pottery Place


The "pottery place", as it is affectionately referred to by the McGonagills, is an add-on to a horse stable/barn now converted into a wood-working shop and pottery studio (see thumbnail).  Pottery place.jpg (107595 bytes)

Inside, there are two different wheels and three kilns (with computerized controllers) which are used in a variety of ways.  

The stoneware and porcelain clays are kept in storage bags in an old chest freezer until ready for use.  The shelving is lined with greenware and bisque-fired pieces in various stages of readiness.
(Click on these thumbnails to get a further peek inside and view his workshop up close...)
  "On the wheel"

Kilns.jpg (65006 bytes)  "Kilns at the ready"

Bisque-1.jpg (65793 bytes)  "Bisque-fired"

Bisque-2.jpg (69653 bytes)  "More bisque..."