The Potter
Pottery Place


The creations shown in the showcase gallery are incredible pieces of work stemming from hours of preparations, experimentation, note-taking, trial-and-error, and calculations.   The featured technique is referred to as crystalline glaze.  Here's the description in his own words...

"One year ago I became fascinated with crystalline glaze pottery, which I have been doing ever since.   My learning experience comes from reading and also tips from professionals on the internet like, Edouard Bastarache of Canada and Smart.Conseil of France and this information combined with many hours of experimentation has resulted in an immensely rewarding hobby."

"Each firing is different. With the opening of the kiln, the emotions range from disappointment to exhilarating excitement.  Each piece is hand thrown porcelain that is glazed with a mixture from dry ingredients that produce the crystals.  Different metal oxides or also added to give the varying colors.  Before the piece is fired, a catch basin is glued to the bottom of the piece to capture the run-off."

"The kiln containing the glazed porcelain pieces are then fired to a top temperature of 2350f degrees. It is then lowered to between 1900 - 2000f degrees and held at this temperature for 5 to 6 hours to allow the crystals to grow.  After the kiln has cooled to room temperature, the pieces must then have the catch basins removed from the base. The fragmented edges on the bottom are then ground smoothly."

"As stated previously, the crystals vary in size, location, number and color from firing to firing.  To quote an expression from the Forest Gump movie, 'It's like eating a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get'."

 - Chatt McGonagill