1010948 - 8.9 cents a minute long distance

Start saving on all your calls NOW with our low 8.9 per minute flat rate* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for state to state long distance calls. You don't even need to change long distance companies!

Just fill out the information in the form below and submit it. You may then simply dial 1010948 + 1 + the area code/phone # and enjoy crystal clear service and tremendous savings 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

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10 digit telephone number, area code first: (example: 3105551212)
10 digit BILLING telephone number, area code first note: (example: 3105551212)
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Note: This # will be the same as the one you entered first in most cases, but if the line you are registering here is billed under another MAIN phone #, such as a business with multiple lines, please enter that MAIN BILLING phone #)
What is 1010948?

"Dial-Around" or "Casual Access" dialing has become very popular in the last several months. 1010948 is the dial around access code for IXC, the 5th largest fiber optic network in the USA. Through a special arrangement with IXC, FCI is able to offer our low 8.9 rate for interstate calls to our customers *IF* they register their phone number on our website.

ONCE YOUR PHONE NUMBER IS REGISTERED you may simply dial 1010948 + 1 + area code/phone number, and you'll enjoy crystal clear, 8.9 cent/minute long distance.

PLEASE NOTE: The 8.9 cent rate is valid for continental-USA origination (48 states) only. For in-state rates, click here

What about those other "1010" #'s I see on TV?

Every carrier, including the "big 3" long distance carriers, have a "1010" number. In fact, many of them have more than one which can make things very confusing. The trick is to watch the fine print on those commercials you see.

For example, 1010321 advertises heavily on television, claiming to offer rates "50% off". The question is, 50% off what? The answer: AT&T's basic rates which are the highest long distance rates available today! Who is 1010321, anyway? The ad says "Telecom*USA" - the reality: MCI Long Distance.

Here is a typical interstate rate chart for 1010-321 (as of Nov. 4, 1998) for calls under 20 minutes placed from 760-781-XXXX to 503-635-XXXX (Southern California to Northern Oregon):

1st Minute
Add'l Minutes
PEAK Hours

What about 1010220? It's not a different service - it's simply "Telecom*USA" operating with a different "1010" code!

Don't let the ads fool you, though. "Up to 20 minutes for 99" really means you pay 99 even if you only talk for 5 minutes! Not much of a savings when you look at it like that, is it?

The FCI/IXC 1010948 Discount Access program is simply the best deal on the market, and there is no reason to ever use any other 1010 access number!

We are pleased to offer a telecommunications services, carefully selected for value, quality, and broad appeal to the marketplace. Enjoy your visit to our site, and we look forward to serving you!

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*a $5.00 monthly service fee applies to all bills under $50.00 per month.