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July 2001

5 Minutes with Gillian Anderson, NW, July 23, 2001
What The ...?, NW, July 23, 2001

NW, July 23, 2001

5 Minutes with Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson recently announced she's leaving the X-Files and hopes to get as far from Agent Scully as possible. In her new movie, the actress squeezes into a corset to star as a ravishing socialite in The House Of Mirth, set in turn- of the- century New York. Like her real life role as Hollywood movie star, Anderson plays a woman in a world full of jealousy and deceit, but stays true to herself and refuses to play the game.

You seem to be a bit of a rebel in Hollywood. You're not at the opening of every envelope, and you're not reed thin.
I've certainly been rebellious in my life. I don't think anybody grows out of that way of thinking. As far as working out and dieting, I've gotten crazy about it in the past, but when you're working 16 hours a day, there's really not that much time for working out.

What impact do you think Scully had on TV?
After the X-Files, people realised that you could do something with an intelligent, capable woman, and people would watch, as opposed to her having to have big tits and long legs in order to keep people's interest.

Does your daughter Piper come with you to the set?
Yes, she's grown up on the set.

Do you think she'll follow in your footsteps?
Hopefully not. If it's something that her heart is in and that she's really interested in, then I'll support that.

By Jamie Madison
Transcribed by Lucy.

NW, July 23, 2001

What the…?

Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso…Duchovny? Seems David Duchovny decided he'd like to turn his hand to producing some truly great artwork. But while the great masters preferred to use a brush on their canvas, David thinks he's got the best application method of all: his butt.

Now, while all of us who've seen the Duchovny bum bared agree it's quite a masterpiece, we're not sure it would be just as good as creating one.

But, according to Dave's wife, Tea Leoni, her hubby is making some beautiful paintings … with a little bit of help from her.

"I call myself the paint loader," Tea boasted recently. "I apply different colours to his cheeks, and then he sits on the canvas. I reload, and he repeats. Sometimes I spank him a little to blend the colours. I defy anyone to say that David and I don't know how to have fun."


So where did they get this, er, innovative idea?

Well, Tea reckons David's got the perfect shape for it, describing his rear end as "a perfect, round, high- and most women can always appreciate this part of the description- high, bubble butt". And, while he was busy mooning it in his latest flick Evolution, Tea doesn't think we've seen enough.

"You know what?" she said. "That mooning shot doesn't even do it justice. The butt painting might."

We're sure she'd defy you to say otherwise.

Transcribed by Lucy.

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